Pushing Forward Back



After a grueling day in the REC room which ended with Genevieve hurt, the students were called in the auditorium by Dean Henderson to discuss the retrieval of an artifact. The students set off to a jungle in South America, where some found a small village and a few mysterious people, and others dealt with a crazy lizard who'd eaten the wrong fruit.

Pointed in the direction of the artifact, the students entered a decrepit old church to search for it and take possession. While no threats loomed, the students made to grab the offending object, which seemed to actively be avoiding leaving the room…

A white flash deposited them into the cellar of an old farmhouse, in a world eerily similar to their own.

After some investigation, the students followed their instincts and the dubious lead of a young man similiar to the Rio they knew, who took them deep into the crumbling remains of the city and betrayed them to the GodKing, Mael'Koth.

Interrupted in his power ritual, he entered combat with the students, only to be thwarted through the valiant magical efforts of Lily and Alex and the sabotage Carl supplied in the form of spiking the pool of blood serving as the channel for the ritual with Reece's Pieces.

While the unquiet souls of that world rose up to claim him, the students made their escape, leaving behind the robot Giga Volt in their haste, and losing Genevieve to the GodKing himself, who reached through the vanishing portal and pulled her through.


Genevieve Spettro, Giga Volt and Micro Volt, Carl Lennox, Lily Woodruff, Alexander Lancaster, Jackson Dunmar II, Spencer Smith, Hoshea McTaggert, Jason Roberts, Alexandria Winston-Slater, with special guest Rio de Vasquez.

Brief Appearances by:
Ezekiel Askari, Luno Harper, Malana Perez


"Why the scrap are you sending a whole squad of us after something smaller than a baseball? Giga barks, a bit irritated. And why didn't you grab it earlier? You had enough time to conduct interviews and figure out what the whole useless building is made of, but you couldn't pick up the damn thing? Unless you're not telling us something, I'm going back to my workshop. Even these meatbags can handle retrieving a rock."

Inwardly, the Dean rolled his eyes and seethed a bit. The military issue robot was always testing his patience, trying every detail and angle he could, sometimes just to be a pain in the butt, Henderson was sure of it. Can't let that show, though, and with a raised eyebrow alone to show his disdain, he set about answering the queries.

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