Pushing Forward Back 2


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Continuing the events of Pushing Forward Back, the students are finally able to attempt a retrieval mission for their two lost peers. Meanwhile, the GodKing Mael'Koth has other plans, sending clones of those who first slighted him through to Our World for unknown reasons…

After a few of the clones are able to infiltrate the school, the remaining ones begin an attack directed at the school itself! As the students race to face this new threat, they realize too late that it is all in vein as the Academy Campus is destroyed - but they have no time to mourn, as they find themselves drawn into Mael'Koth's world!

The students soon encountered another of their peers left behind, the irritable robot Giga Volt, and tempers flare before they're rounded up to join the Resistance under their nominal leader, the mysterious Izzy. With a three-step plan to save their world, the students found themselves with another short time table to both take down the GodKing, and save Genevieve!


Rescuing Genevieve and double checking to bring the robot, the students managed to save the alternate earth from Mael'Koth and return to their own world… to face the decimation of the Academy, and a relocation to a new campus.


Genevieve Spettro, Giga Volt and Micro Volt, Carl Lennox, Lily Woodruff, Alexander Lancaster, Jackson Dunmar II, Spencer Smith, Hoshea MacTaggart, Aaron Halls, Alexandria Winston-Slater, Victoria Velsing, Shawn Wicket, Maerik Marson, Jacob Kaldr


"“From what I’ve seen in my last encounter with this…god, he’s the source of his follower’s power, and he in turn has his own sources. Souls…I believe were what they are. Do you think we can distract him by fighting in the open, while dispatching a group into the temple, using these buildings as camouflage?” pointed Lily toward the ruins on the sides of the courtyard. “I think if we can find his source of power and disrupt it, we can defeat him again.” - Lily, on a strategy to beat Mael'Koth

"You've triumphed for 50 years, but it's made you cocky and stupid, thinking you were finally safe from humanity. We're here to show you just how wrong you are." - Giga Volt, facing the GodKing

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