Quincy Kapernski



Personality and Appearance

Your typical undersized 14 year old who hasn't hit his last growth spurt yet. In addition to his small frame, Quincy always has a pair of large headphones on. He dresses in mostly simple clothes, not leaning towards any specific style.

Quincy tends to be the quiet type, not speaking up often, but reserving his thoughts. He tries to make the times he does talk effective however and has half-jokingly idolized Silent Bob.
Powers and Abilities

Advanced Hearing: Quincy's hearing is far beyond the normal human's level of hearing and consists of a range higher then most animals also. His range of hearing starts in the sub-harmonic and reaches into the ultra-sonic.

Headphones: An almost permanent fixture atop Quincy's head is his headphones. These high-tech noise cancellation headphones allow him to live a 'normal' daily life. Because of the noise cancellation Quincy has become adept at lip reading, but if multiple people are speaking and need to be heard he may slide a headphone pad slightly off an ear.

iPod: Quincy has a customized iPod classic with a solid state drive which is not only his music library but also contains both offensive and defensive qualities.

Acoustic Destablisation (offensive, single target, sustained): By focusing on an enemy the suit allows him to disrupt any regeneration/healing of an enemy combatant.

Energy Harmonics (defensive, personal): With enough forewarning the suit is capable of matching or attuning the harmonics in the immediate vicinity of Quincy and thus reduce damage that is received.

Sonic Punch (offensive melee): A moderatly weak punch that uses sound at the point of impact to increase damage and has a high chance of knocking back foes.

Hypersonic wave (supportive, single target): This ability allows a moderate speed increase and endurance recovery to it's target.

Expression Suit: Quincy's put together a skintight suit consisting of many speakers and literally hundreds of feet of wiring. Through this suit is how Quincy applies his knowledge of sound to the outside world. He isn't really a fighter however and has only used the suit a single time outside of testing.

Hearing: Quincy's primary strength is obviously his biggest weakness also. As his hearing is so much more exceptional he is vulnerable to things that wouldn't affect others.

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