Raine Synclair

Character Details

  • Name: Raine Synclair
  • Aliases:
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5'5
  • Weight: For her to know and you to never find out.
  • Eyes: Hazel-Green
  • Hair: Black;Long choppy layers
  • Nationality: Ukrainian-American
  • Hometown: Unknown
  • Marital: Single
  • Relatives: M. Siblings
  • Powers: Genetic Specialist

Raine is determined, diligent and deadly. A combination that begs for you to stay on her good side. She's got the best of both worlds with brains and beauty as well. Raine's far from the vain type though, instead she pours herself into aiding the school her new home. Being gifted with an easy understanding of bio-chemisty and genetics, she has a connection that few would understand and uses to her advantage when encountering people she deems intriguing. She works tirelessly as Ms. Swanson's assistant and the two have developed a sensei-student relationship that borders on mother-daughter when the need arrives.

Raine can get absorbed in her duties from time to time so what seems like the cold shoulder is more than likely Raine splitting her attention between the things she's doing and has to get done. This state of activity has left Raine really no time to act like the normal teenage girls and experience relationships and crushes. On top of that she is the Leader of Team Adroit and the one of the most known faces of the West coast academy students. That being said her standards are high when it comes to things like boyfriends and most cant meet her requirements. What those are though no one knows.

Raine's top focus in the school. She loves the West Coast Academy with all her heart and would give her life twice over to defend it. She cares about its reputation and is as activley involved in its upkeep and protection as she can be, which is why she so eagerly joined the alpha squad when the invitation was given.

Keep your eye on this one. She's going places.

Social Impact


M(Real name lost or hidden)
Age: Age long forgotten; Seemingly Immortal
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height/Weight: 6'1/176 lbs
Birthplace: Believed to be in the Ukraine

Appearance: M has a very muscular physique. His most noticeable feature would probably be his wide shoulders. His hair is blonde and short and his eyes are a steel blue that seem to glare at you no matter what facial expression he makes.

His features are very mainly. A square jaw and stern chin. Large rough hands and a hard face that looks as though it never felt a smile before.

Persona: M is self obsessed and goal driven and as such his warped personality leaves little to be desired by anyone sane in the head.

He deals in absolute and commands respect. He is quick to deal out punishment to those who would oppose him but is often times amused by those who try. There can be found no self doubt or lack of confidence within M. He believes he has the power to remake the world and will stop at nothing to prove it.

He can start out calm and exercise a sort of patience but its as short as a breeze from the wind. He's ruthless, callous and enjoys torment, exploitation and oppression. He doesn't care for the damage he causes to anyone or anything in his wake.

M is extremely arrogant and narcissistic. His large ego makes him believe he's pretty much a god.

Goal: M has lived for a long time. He's seen the world at its best and at it's worst. This amount of time on the earth has cause him to come up with ideals that he feels are absolute. Ultimately that the people on earth have become far too weak and have in turned made the planet itself weak. Their existence is poisoning this world.

M believes that he is destined to rush in a new era and reform the world in his image. The chosen perfect being to model the world after. If their are creatures whose strength impress him then he could very well spare them but their has only been one who stood in his way and he ended him long ago.

The reformation of a new perfect world. That's M's plan.

Characteristics: M finds humor in resistance and often laughs at it openly.

M likes to give speeches about why humanity is a disgrace.

Base of Operation: Castle like structure in the Ukraine. Unknown where exactly.

Powers and Skills:

Biological Manipulation-(Limited; Needs Raine for full control)

Teleportation- Can travel great distances and quickly

Super Strength- Powerful enough to lift up two school buses in each hand.

Merging- Can separate his form into three parts and merge them back into his body to become whole and more powerful.

Energy Projection- Emit forceful blast from body.

Duplication(Needs Sibling)- Can make copies of himself. Not as powerful but still strong

Reactive Adaptation(Needs Sibling)- Can develop resistance to whatever he was injured by for a limited time.

Biography: WIP


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