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Ash to Ashes
Ash to Ashes
Clan Info
Clan Name: Tephra
aka: Clan of Ashes; as a relatively knew and rare bloodline, most who know of them only refer to them in vague terms.
Origin: Plagued
Founder: Unknown, possibly Nicander
Established: Unknown
No. of Members: Unknown
Current Leader: Unknown, whispers point to an old Hule survivor named Phaëton, though these are just rumors, of course…
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Unknown
Minor Bloodlines: Unknown
Known Powers and Abilities
Dominion over Ash.



Shrouded in mystery, the newly-risen Clan of Ashes has made their presence known more and more in these modern times. Still considered an extreme minority, the Tephra are legends even to other vampires, who speak of them in hushed tones… and rumor that they might actually be survivors of the Hule…


All Tephra can blend in with mortals fairly easily, like any Plagued vamps. However, their skin begins to take on an ashen tone about a decade after creation, and they gradually grow more and more gray, the eldest looking like a human rolled in ash. Mortals are generally leery around them, but can't quite put their finger on why.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Blood Binding: The effects of a Tephra Blood Bond are unknown at this time.
  • Blood Burning: Whether the Ash Clan can fuel themselves with blood is unknown.
  • Call Decay: One power that the Tephra have uniformly shown is the power of Entropy and the ability to rapidly accelerate decay. They can use this effect to rot wood, age stone, and even accelerate aging in mortals. It has been theorized that using this on a vampire could greatly advance their age, giving them status and power in a very short time… though the downside of this rumor lies closer to the truth, and a vampiric victim of this power would find themselves rapidly pulled through the decay and rot their bodies should have felt (equivalent to their age) since they died, leaving them little more then ashes themselves…
  • Ash Storm: Most Tephra sightings have noted them to have some rapport with either wind or ash, and they can summon such things from their surroundings into a blinding storm to serve as a distraction.
  • Heart of the Phoenix: The most powerful Tephra, unseen by any, possess this unique power. If at any time they are threatened by fire or sunlight, they can choose to invite the decay into themselves and submit to the cycle. Vampires under this effect are consumed like any other, in horrid flames and pain, reduced to ash in minutes. However, with the next sunset, those ashes will reform (even if scattered, which just adds to the time needed) and the Tephra will once again stalk the night, probably to seek revenge…


  • Nihilistic Feeding: Tephra embrace decay and death, and must feed upon these same feelings in others. In effect, Tephra can only feed on mortals close to death, though this term is actually a bit broad: in general, they can only feed on terminal mortals who are waiting to die anyhow. In practice, they can also feed on those possessed of suicidal thoughts, provoking their thoughts of death and pushing them to make that choice. As soon as the decision to follow through and end their lives strikes the mortal, she becomes fair prey for the Tephra.
  • Hunted - [Zoion]: Because the Tephra are rumored to be remnants of the Hule clan destroyed by the Zoion (they are) the Clan of Animal will stop at nothing in their hunt to discover the truth and finish what they began.
  • Hereditary Weakness: Tephra also have the disadvantage of either the Hule weakness of prayer with sacrifice, or Zoion weakness of Hunting once per day, in line with their original bloodline, if any. If the vampire is 'pure' Tephra, it suffers from neither of these effects, making 'True Tephra' the only Plagued Clan with one major weakness.

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