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The Good Doctor
Personal Data
Real Name: Alonzo Larcher
Known Aliases: Seed
Age: {$age}
Height: 5'10
Weight: 190
Hair Color: Black, Green Tinge
Eye Color: Dark Brown, Green tinge
Biographical Data
Nationality: Alonzo Larcher
Place of Birth: The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Base of Operations: Kinshasha
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Plant Mutate, Genetic Manipulation, Genius Botanist and Geneticist





Genius level intellect
Incredibly gifted in the fields of mechanical botany, biology and genetics

Plant Bio-morph
• Elastic Limbs – Limbs can stretch at explosive speeds for short distances
• High Level Regeneration
• Immunity to Poisons

Teleportation Plant
Bio-morph Packs
Stim Packs
• Regen
• Nervous break
• Adrenaline Boost



Other Relationships


Plot Device

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