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What is Chimera Corp

"When the rest of the world is special, don't you deserve to be special too?"

For the last 50 years, Chimera has been working to make sure the rest of the world can keep up with the miraculous 10% that make up the mages, mutants and aliens that occupy our planet. Success has always varied but they try their best to make the normal people in this world feel just that little bit more special.

History of the Company

Mainstream Products

Chimera has hundreds upon hundreds of various products it's been selling over the years but here's a few of it's most successful and famous products that are still in production.

  • K Sight - Specially designed contact lenses that allow the wearer to see the infra-red spectrum or nightvision (two seperate models). They come in a variety of colours and special design pattens including a glowing model. Usually they last for 5-6 weeks before the material breaks down forcing you to buy a new pair.
  • Deg Spray - A clear chemical that comes in an aerosol can. This chemical will stick to anything it touches and stay attached for roughly 3 hours; during this time all forms of dirt and dust will simple fall off and be unable to stick to the applied material. Effectively it makes things dirt proof.
  • Hulk Bulk - A vitamin supplimant that is to be taken with every meal for at least two weeks before effects kick in. With regular use, the subject will experience ehanced muscle development and regenerative capabilites at the cost of requiring incredible food intake as well as regular pills.
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