Raum the Wary
Listen, can you hear it? The subtle hum of the thirst that consumes us.
Listen, can you hear it? The subtle hum of the thirst that consumes us.
Raum the Wary
Personal Data
Real Name: Raum
Known Aliases: {$aliases}
Age: N/A
Height: 5'11" (stooped)
Weight: 130lb
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Pale Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: {$nationality}
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Base of Operations: {$hometown}
Known Relatives: "Son": Peter
"Daughter": Amanda
Known Powers
Cursed Vampirism, Access to vast resources, Demon Magic


Raum is a being of contemplation and pride. His lives his unlife without regret, confident in every decision he has made regardless of the consequences of his actions. Though he lead the group of mages that originated the vampiric curse, he often remains out of the affairs of his peers and their kin. He is a cold father figure to some and a heartless ruler (in need of dethroning) to others. Uniquely, unlike his peers who have used their time and powers to expand their wealth, power and luxury he has instead diverted most of his time and energy into decreasing his craving. At this point in his unlife he needs to feed only every few years or so, depending on how much power he exerts in a given Satiated State(SS). His mastery over the SS has caused him to look particularly different from his peers and kin a fact that often leads him to stay out of the night life enjoyed by the others.


Raum's Chosen


Raum is very selective in the choice of his bite victims. He will study his prey for weeks, months and sometimes even years. His MO is to target downtrodden or broken individuals; people who have given up on, or disrespected, their own life. He believes his bite is an opportunity for those people to accept and appreciate their own lives and as such his gift is their curse. He truly believes that he is helping people by doing this and that his actions are redemption for the cruel acts of his peers and kindred.

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