Won't you stay awhile?
Won't you stay awhile?
Personal Data
Real Name: Rebecca
Known Aliases: The Quiet Winter
Age: N/A
Height: 5'9"
Weight: N/A
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: {$nationality}
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Base of Operations: {$hometown}
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Snow Magic, Conjuration


Rebecca is a sweet girl and a borderline pacifist. She is reluctant to engage in any act that may harm others, and as such she has adapted her magical studies to allow herself room to be a capable mage while maintaining a sense of peace. She has mastered her own version of her master's rain magic. Her unique snow magic lacks the versatility and speed of the senior version but it's effect's are just as powerful. Her spells are especially strong at binding, pinning, or otherwise hindering her opponents. Because of this strength she has begun practicing conjuration so that her creatures can deal with the enemies she's slowed down or pinned. A side effect of her studies and possibly her own modesty is that she is always wearing an absurd amount of clothing. Her natural body temperature has lowered to be more in line with her element and thus she must wear more clothing, among other things, to keep her body temperature at functioning levels. Rebecca is an incredibly powerful librarian with untapped magical potential, most believe she will be next in line to head the Tears denomination.


The Golden Gates Church


Powers & Abilities


Rebecca can summon creatures from the wolf, frost bear and frost avian family of familiars.

Snow Magic

Snow Cover; Caster blankets an area in magical snowfall generally lowering temperatures and obscuring vision.

Gentle Fall; As the snow lands on the skin of those caught in it, they will become more and more relaxed putting them in a docile and sleepy state.



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