R.E.C. Room


Serving as the Training Center to the Academy, the R.E.C. Room was specifically designed to help both contain and emulate safely those abilities Students possess. As an ever-divergent populace continues to foster more people with amazing abilities, the R.E.C. Room continues on as a constantly evolving project to help those wishing to understand more about their abilities can do so safely and without fear of recourse.

The secretive superhero team based out of the Academy also uses this facility regularly, and several Alpha-capable students have been instructed on its setup and use. Many disagreements have been 'settled' within it's walls, and as the competition for the best the Academy has to offer grows, so too have the battles and rivalries.


Much like the F.A.T. Suits, the R.E.C. Room is comprised of several layers designed to compliment the simulation of any environment that can be provided. Through a series of evolving technological programs the system has been build upon over decades of submissions by various students, with expectancies and new tests being conducted almost daily.

The most 'outer' layer, the visible white field students enter, is probably the most complex in design. Using a concept of microscopic spheres, billions of small devices akin to catoms can be programmed with commands to shape just about any physical object. As the REC Room controls relay commands, these catoms act in concern, visually appearing as an 'expanding blur' effect from most perspectives, as the tiny devices recreated entire interact-able areas. With this system, virtually any surface texture can be created, and refinements using especially sensitive supers have honed it to near-perfection.

With the outer shell is the most dynamic, the rest is hardly less impressive. Underneath the floor and wall shells lie a layer of pinpoint actuators that can be conformed to simulate and constant surface area. These can be raised or lowered to suit, giving floors a soggy, squishy feel or walls a rough cavern-like texture. In combination with several layers of catoms, they can work in tandem to simulate immersion in water and other wide ranging tactile sensations.

Beneath the 'ceiling' shell lie more sparsely grouped areas of actuators, broken up by hundreds of thousands of similiarly shaped tubes. These tubes are actually a delivery method for some 29,000 different scents, only 10,000 or so even within normal human sensory range. With the wide variety of combinations, even scents unique to different parts of the world can be accurately replicated, aiding the system as a whole with convincing a participant that their surroundings are wholly real.


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  • Most popular spot for Hall of Champions matches and even featured in some Stories.


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