Robert Plum

Name: Robert Plum
Age: 96
Codename: The Manhattan Project
Hair Color: Brown, swept to the side
Eye Color: Green, wears glasses
Build: Skinny, but physically fit

Absorption and Emission of radioactive energy
Increased longevity due to condition
PhD in Nuclear Chemistry

Robert grew up in a now defunct Eastern European country following the Great War, but moved to the United States when he was 11 with his parents. He did well in school and eventually moved off to college to study the sciences. He stayed in school until he earned his doctorate, at which point he was recruited by the government into doing work for them. For several years he produced promising theories and experiments with his colleagues, but unrest in Europe began to shift their focus away from theory and more towards practical application. He, along with a very select group of other scientists, were placed upon a top secret project the military top brass. Experiments in nuclear energy had been done before, but the results had often been fatal for the unprepared scientists. Some had taken note of that, and wanted to use the energy locked inside the atom to create a weapon of untold destruction.

For many years, fervent research was performed, as Dr. Plum and his fellow scientists continued to construct The Bomb. Finally, they were prepared to test it in the isolated Nevada Desert, to see exactly what their time and energy had created. But on the day of the test, when all the other scientists were safely inside the bunker looking out, there was a failure in the ignition switch. After a great deal of debate and panic, Robert elected to go outside and try to fix the problem. He knew it was dangerous, but leaving an unexploded bomb hooked up to a faulty ignition system was not something they could let continue. Exiting the bunker, Robert was able to find and fix the problem, but with disastrous consequences. As soon as the system was enabled, the signal was sent, and the first atomic bomb was detonated with him out in the open.

Though he was far enough from the blast to avoid getting burned to cinders, he was still hit with a lethal dose of radiation. He was found by the scientists when they were examining the effects of the blast. He was alive, but unconscious, and he was not expected to survive the night. But fantastically, the next day he was at peak health, with no signs of the symptoms associated with radioactive poisoning. He was kept under close examination for the next month, but developed no ailments. In fact, he seemed to become more physically fit than he had been earlier, and the levels of radiation he emitted seemed to vary. Further research suggested that it changed based on his mood. It became apparent that Dr. Plum was able to control, and with concentration, direct the radioactive energy.

Years passed, and Robert directed much time into his new-found abilities, trying to gain control and learn his limits. Often he feared unintentionally irradiating someone, so learning control was paramount to him. It was for this reason he never ventured into heroing, as his abilities did not lend themselves to non-lethal apprehension. He still practiced with his abilities, but never went further than that, choosing instead to focus on his career as a professor and researcher. After his incident he changed jobs every few years, sometimes working with the US government, sometimes working as a teacher, as well as other professions that utilized his expertise. He still holds contacts with several men and women he met over the years, including government officials, professors, CEOs, etc.

Dr. Plum now works as the head science teacher at the West Coast Academy, having above average knowledge of most subjects, and good knowledge of specific higher division classes. Students will be pleased to know that a 1 hour class period sitting in front of Dr. Plum will be no worse than eating a few bananas, from a radiation standpoint. Nonetheless, students always seem to gravitate towards the back of the classroom. Dr. Plum doesn't mind, he tries to stay in a good mood about his "condition" and will often try to crack jokes about it. They aren't very good.

Though he has been around for almost 100 years, Plum looks no older than 40. His condition somehow boosted his physical functions, allowing him to live longer, age slower, and experience better physical fitness than most. His mind remains as fit as ever, though it can be apparent sometimes that he grew up in a very different era. He's still pleasant to be around, though not exactly a social butterfly. He enjoys science to a fault, and may often prefer to engage in research than small talk, but won't go out of his way to avoid it. He's just a man who enjoys his work, and can occasionally fire gamma blasts when the situation calls for it.

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