Superhuman Urban Response Team

S.U.R.T is specialized theme of meta-human operatives designed to function as a tight-knit unit to be used in dangerous urban situations. Most commonly they are dropped in an infested urban area to deal with opposing meta-human threats such as gangs, villians and infestations.







The overall purpose behind S.U.R.T is to perform the unglamerous and usually, unessecarily dangerous missions that lakc the prestige of other more conventional superheros.

The most common threat they are forced to deal with it the 'Lockdown Scenario' a term for when a dangerous, city wide threat strikes and forces the city to be locked-down and isolated for the time being. Usually in this situation, vast quantities of low-to-mid level metahumans appear, usually leading to looting and gang violence; often surpassing the capabilites of local police and needing additional support. The squad will be dropped into the city while the military will contain the city borders and work to function as a secondary police force to eliminate threats to the civillian population while the city is still in lock-down.

They are designed to land in the city and sustain themselves while fulfilling their mission and will sometimes remain within a city for weeks or even months at a time. A secondary function is to contain people of interest such as higher-ranking metahumans and personel considered important to the cities survival.

From time to time they have been known to run more conventional 'black-ops' style missions in densley populated, urban areas. They are also frequently used around the world to deal with people and organizations that produce and sell drugs designed to grant, enhance or modify superhuman abilites.


Richard Malone (A.K.A. Delta) - Squad Leader

Jacob Franz (A.K.A. Grand-Slam) - Second in Command

Blake Millihan (A.K.A. Acrobat) - Scouting & Recon

Quentin (A.K.A. Pyronic) - Heavy Support

Stacey Hale (A.K.A. Storm-Strike) - Long Range Support

Lola Ramirez (A.K.A. Neuron) - Intel & Stealth

Joanna Benson (A.K.A. Dominion) - Containment and Supression

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