Gaze Upon the Face of Judgement!
Gaze Upon the Face of Judgement!
Personal Data
Real Name: Satan
Known Aliases: The Punisher, Seer of All, The Snake
Age: Unknown, at least 6'000
Height: 60 feet, head to tail
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Yellow
Biographical Data
Nationality: Angelic
Place of Birth: Heaven
Base of Operations: Heaven
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Angelic, Judgement Gaze, Destruction




Powers & Abilities:

Like all angels, Satan has no need for food, water or sleep and will never age; he can also fly at up to mach five and has incredibly far reaching telepathy that can even overcome most mental barriers. Satan is also perhaps, the most physically powerful of all the Angels, having once ripped a skyscrapper out of it's foundations and throwing it once with ease and he has been hit with a missile at one point and not even flinching.

As the Angel of Judgement, he is capable of shapeshifting into a suitable form to judge a person, usually taking the guise of someone they'd feel comfortable with (usually a loved one). While talking with a person, Satan learns more and more about them until he literally knows everything about them better than they do. At the end, he will take one of three options.
1 - Count them as pure and let them leave
2 - See them as deserving but still good
3 - See them as guilty and deserving of death
With the second option he will use his, Judgement Gaze, which forces a person to re-live every bad thing they have ever done to another person, from the point of veiw of the victim.
With the third option…he will take his true form and bring destruction. In this state, nothing will stop him and his power seems limitless. Once the victim is judged and obliterated, he will revert to a more peaceful form and carry on like nothing had happened.


Satan loathes mortals for the confusion they've spread about his name. In truth, Satan is a highly loyal angel but due to a minor translation issue, he has frequently been mixed up with Lucifer. Should anyone make a comment in his presence, he WILL pass Judgement.

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