The Seelie Court, aka The Summer Court


Those Fae associated with the Court of Summer tend to have coloration that corresponds to the colors of the summer season. (ie scarlet hair, gold eyes, tan skin)


The Summer Court, or the Seelie Court (they are interchangable) is associated with the season of Summer, the growth of Life, and the comfort of fire. They tend to be more subtle then those of the Unseelie, and more emotional as well.

The Seelie Court is made up of Kings, Queens, Ladies, Knights, and some lesser positions. The exact number of any position is unknown at this time, though some guesses can be made. (ie There is only likely one King and one Queen).

Powers & Abilities:

The agents of Summer are associated with the season, and share powers in line with it. Many can promote and control plant growth, wield fire with ease, and heal living beings.


All Seelie fae are stronger during the day then at night as well as during the Summer, and Unseelie's Ice magics are extremely dangerous to them.

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