Shara Crosse


shara's an ex-gang member who has some how collected the essence of both an angel and a demon. her powers come from these two trapped beings with one draw back though she is always aware of them and their conversation as well as feel their pull towards certain actions.

Personality and Appearance

Shara is known to be extremely sarcastic often adding a comment on the misfortunes of others. to those she's familiar with and likes she can be very friendly, but often respects the personal space of her freinds. she is ,more or less, the big sis some have never had.

she stands at 5' 8".

her hair was origonally ravan black on the first day of school though it turned gunmetal grey sometime when she was asleep. she now dyes her hair a crimson red.

eyes are a deep emerald green.

has a runners body with strong legs and little fat.
Powers and Abilities

the powers that got her into the academy are not hers, they stem from the demon (mal'kerth) and angel (valya) that are residing (trapped) in her mind, to use these powers she must be experiencing an emotion related to the one who supplies the power:

Anger(demonic) = fire conjuring


sadness(angelic) = a limited healing factor

her actual power is the ability to absorb loose spirits (those without bodies or some kind of anchor) into herself and gaining their experiances and abilities. currently she can't absorb any more spirits due to reaching a sort of limit built in to her.

her non-power skills are:


pick pocketing

a little forgery

and some gun training


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