Sheng Hitoshi

Real Name: Sheng (Victory) Hitoshi (One)
aka: The One
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

With an origin left in shadow, Hitoshi is a very non-threatening figure. Of average height, and slender build, he is not at all imposing. He tends to dress in a traditional Chinese loose-fitting Duangua, and often carries Chinese prayer beads in his left hand. He is a fantastic martial artist, specializing in Kung Fu, and can be considered at peak human speed and strength.

Generally serving a more powerful master, Hitoshi is commonly used as an adviser and tactician, and is more then intelligent enough to fulfill the role. He will think a few steps ahead, and plan for more then one variable in any situation. While not smart beyond human norms, his other abilities more then supplement that..

The trick is, if he's only fighting one person, he's nothing special, so he HAS to use his head, which makes him really innovative… but when faced with a superteam of hormonal heroes? Well, this guy has a rather neat power for that.

The more people opposing him, the more his own power grows exponentially.

So against Blake, he might get his ass kicked. Against Rio and Blake, he's actually able to fend them off pretty well… and against the entire team, The One has the combined might of all students facing him. So say up against 15 students, he has the strength, speed, and comprehensive intelligence of 15 people. Not super in and of itself, but as it stacks beyond human norms versus many opponents, he's a nightmare.

Plot Device: The One is always a right hand man type, content to serve a more powerful master… but he has served many, and always seems to escape to serve another, which leads many to believe he has a grander plan then he lets on.

Though competent enough to stand against most one-on-one, his true strength, as stated, is against groups. This makes him a fantastic lead in to another boss fight, since he can tie up entire teams quite easily.

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