Founder of the Divination Branch of Magic, the Order of the Blue and the Tower of Sorcery at….


Excerpt from the Meeting of the Seven:
From the ancient gardens of what would become Babylon, a powerful magus called Sin spoke of darker days to come, and the need for practitioners to come together. He foresaw the superstitions of the world, and the need for the Talented to practice in secret or face persecution. He, called the God of the Moon because his portents came in Luna’s light, was the one to put out the Call, and make the Seven aware of the greater threat. Packing just a few items of power, including his usual amulet set with a large lapis lazuli, he set out for the lands north of Sumeria, to await the others.

Long ago, at the dawn of civilization, in the land that would soon be called Sumeria, a child was born named Sin. His heritage was nothing prestigious or even noteworthy, his parents were simple farmers and he was expected to lead the same lifestyle. But Sin knew he was different from the day he took his first steps.

Throughout his early life he showed attpitude in nearly everything he attempted, mastering skills in days and mastering some before having ever been taught. He just always knew things, he could tell which harvest would succeed and which would fail years in advance, he always knew the weather and when times would be tough. The rest of the farmers called him gifted, some even called him a seer.

But it was his 11th birthday when his powers truely came to pass. One night after hard work in the feilds, he looked up at the night sky and saw something more, he saw time. In one brief moment, Sin saw everything that had happened and ever will happen in the universe from the moment of it's creation, to the moment of it's destruction. The purest of revelations layed out before him and it drove him mad. He fled the farm that night, his mind consumed by all that he saw.

Sin returned to his home many years later, a wiry old man with a long silver beard, taking on the name of En-Zu. He had worked for years to force himself to forget what he had seen and he'd succeed, he'd blocked out all the knowledge that was forced upon him. Now he would call upon the repressed knowledge when needed, rather than ever learning or discovering anything, he would simply remember it from the future.

With his guidance, Sin En-Zu lead his people from their basic dwellings into more advanced structures, improving their techniques and tools, in just two generations he had moved them from a society of early farmers to the founders of the world's first true city. The locals considered him a God and considered him the father all of mortal knowledge but he simple considered himself an old man he knew a few tricks. Despite his grand powers and all he done for them, he still lived as a humble hermit, guiding them when they needed it and simply living in peace.

He knew however, that peace would not last, he had seen the future and knew that more like him would arise over time, so he sought to delay the inevitable chaos by establishing some kind of order before it was too late. He said goodbye to his people and set off to find the others.

The Blue Tower

A curious tower that defies logic on it's most basic levels. The style is a random amalagamation of various time periods with rooms ranging from ancient Sumerian, to Dark Ages temples to Las Vegas Casinos, sometimes several in one room. More confusingly however is the positioning of the rooms themselves, physics function in some twisted fashion, resembling a painting by M.C.Esher, with stairs going vertically up walls and doors on the ceiling, several rooms even occupy the same point in space, with different doors leading to a different room.

The outside of the tower looks a floating Sumerian temple that slowly turns on all three Axis, revolving in space. Currently the Blue Tower orbits Earth's Moon, making it immpossible to reach by normaly methods.

Reaching the tower and simply navigating ones way around it is nearly impossible without the aid of Divination, a skill that all it's members sport.

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