Sir Mahli
Gaze upon failure
Gaze upon failure
Sir Mahli
Personal Data
Real Name: Sir Jonah Mahil III
Known Aliases: The Leper King, Rotted Mage, The Lost Man, Lazarus
Age: 793
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 69kg
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Yellow
Biographical Data
Nationality: English/Arab
Place of Birth: Jerusalem
Base of Operations: Whever he roams
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Immortal, Highly Toxic, Talented Mage


An ancient and despised individual who was once a great mage of the white, a true paragon and bastion of light. Now however, he is a cursed and wretched mage of the black who garners hate from the rest of the magical community and seeks solice in the Goetia Bar.


The first reports of Sir Jonah Mahli The Third began cropping up around 1132 AD, during one of the many Crusades of Jerusalem; he appeared as a young mage who had recently passed his test and donned his glorious white robes. While others battled and raged, Sir Mahli took on the role of a medic, tending to the wounded and defending the hospitals around the Holy City as it came under fire. He was even granted membership into the Knights Hospitaller Order known as the Orders of Saint Lazarus, devoted to protecting the wounded above all else making sure the hospitals were safe from the war raging on around them.

Then something happened. Reports vary as to just what Mahli did at that moment but all people know the affects. Some say he slaughtered hundreds to save his hospital, others claim his raised the fallen lepers to slay his foes, there are even rumors that he pulled some ancient monster from the depths of hell the tear the city asunder and end the war. What people know was that the sky turned dark and thick noxious clouds swarmed around the city, crows and locuts coverged on the city and a sickly miasma choked the streets as it was all drawn to Mahli.

His robes were turned yet black as his very soul was warped by whatever it was he had done, but it was his body that truly suffered. All those in his care and still alive were cured of all afflictions as they were all passed onto Mahli in some twisted Karmic incident. In disgust at both himself and what he had become, he fled the city and vanished from the history books, becoming nothing but a cautionary tale and an urban legend amongst the mage community.

Close the thousand years later, Mahli showed up in the Goetia Bar, downing a cask of French Wine and waxing on and on about "a war that is to come" and "towers will rise and towers will fall" endlessly before passing out in the VIP room. Most places in the world would kick him out but the Goetia is neutral turf and anyone with money and wisdom is welcome; something Mahli has plenty of.

Powers & Abilities


  • Former White Mage - Back before the Crusades, Mahli was a highly potent white mage and became a master of Abjuration and Divination, making him an ideal defender for those in his service. Since his 'problem' however he can no longer cast Abjuration but he does understand the theory of it and can recognize spells and how they work. He is still a gifted diviner however, esspecially at predicting the future.
  • Current Black Mage - After his 'problem' Mahli has become a gifted necromancer, capable of moving the point between life and death, raising the death and rotting the living. His main gift comes from summoning and compelling the souls of others to achieve his goals for him.

The Curse:

  • Undying - The curse inflicted upon Mahli would ensure he never dies a death worth having. Natural causes will never end his life, nor will he die and honerable or noble death, he will simply endure with his injuries until they've healed, they'll never kill him. It is theorised the only way he'll be able to die is through suffering and disgrace.
  • Toxic - Mahli's touch is semi-corrosive, causing paint to peel, metal to stain, wood to gnarl and rot and skin to blister and turn red. Worse is that all his bodily fluids are thick, black and foul smelling waste that carries the traces of every disease his body has ever had, simply touching this black sludge will infect the victim.
  • Withered Form - His body has been withered and weakened and rendered disgusting to look upon by the curse. While this has left his body weak and vulnerable to harm, it has also given him much more time to focus on intellect and magical usage. After hundreds of years of living like this, he hasn't exactly improved his magic, but what he has done is learn how to cast spells without hand movements or vocalization.


- Mahli learned something horrific during his disappearance, something that nobody should ever have to know

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