Sky Parker
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Sky Parker
Known Aliases: Father Earth, The Weather Whisperer
Age: 62
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160lb
Hair Colour: Graying
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Michigan
Base of Operations: Calverton
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Ecological Empathy


Ecological Empathy:

Sky has always been connected to the world around him. His emotion and nervous system are psychically sensitive to nearby ecosystems. With effort he can even tap into an awareness of the global ecosystem as a whole, or specific systems not in his immediate surroundings. This connection awards him a sense of awareness of his immediate environment and with the right amount of focus, faraway places. He can detect changes within his environment and decipher whether they be natural or unnatural. This power lends itself to two very different, but entwined abilities.

Weather Manipulation - Dr. Parker can "feel" the weather. He knows the mood of our living planet. As such, he can sense coming storms, or other natural disasters. In a complicated display of ability he can even reason with the weather, calling off or softening the effects of storms or other violent natural events. This connection to the weather is however a two-way street and though in his old age he has gained more control over this ability, the weather can have significant influence on his own emotions. He can rarely be found crying during a summer rain, simply because the weather's sad reflection personifies itself within him.

Animal Affinity - Because of his extra-sensory connection to Ecosystems, Sky has an impeccable relationship with the animal kingdom. Animals often feel acceptant of him and treat him as one of their own. He has trained and befriended many animal companions over the years and he can now be found with a large, loyal, St. Bernard that never leaves his side.


Dr. Sky Parker is a kind, welcoming man. He manages to keep himself calm, collected and helpful at all times. He's the kind of older person that both, glows with youthful wonderment and ancient wisdom. His life experience must have awarded him such an intimate look at the world, yet he is still so full of questions. He is in love with the pursuit of knowledge, as he believes knowledge brings us ever closer to the worlds truth.

Though his kindness eschews what could have been pretentious tendencies, it is hard to shake the feeling that he knows something you don't. It is as if he knows some amazing secret that he isn't letting anyone in on. He walks about with a sense of confidence and pride, not just in himself, but in his students and peers as well. He knows that this is where he needs to be at this time.

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