Dragon in Disguise
Dragon in Disguise
Personal Data
Real Name: Skirissandreth
Known Aliases: Skysunder, Silver Mage, countless others over millennia
Age: if he is to be believed, 2,314
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: appears European
Place of Birth: some mountain in Europe
Base of Operations: unknown, tends to dwell at the Tower of Sorcery at Van'dyal
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Rivals the most powerful mages on the planet. As a very powerful wizard, Skysunder has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any nonartifact item he might need, given time. Additionally, he has many stashes of magic items already and hundreds of years with which to plan, making him a master strategist.


A Silver dragon and liaison to the TriMagus Council, "Skysunder" (his real name is a closely-guarded secret) has survived for millennia and is a fantastic source of information regarding Arcane Lore and history.


The dragon known commonly as Skysunder has existed for over two thousand years, fostering the spread of magic and overseeing those powers to ensure Good is always a match for Evil.

Powers and Abilities:

Spells: An immensely powerful wizard, Skysunder calls upon magic through words and gestures along with willpower. While being bound would limit many wizards, because of his draconic heritage, these restrictions rarely apply, and Skysunder can summon most effects without word or gesture, just will. Most of his favored abilities carry the theme of snow and frost, which he generally uses to capture and avoid killing.

Silver Dragon: In his true form, Skysunder has a number of additional abilities at his disposal.

  • Size: Standing just over 20' tall, he weighs in around 1,200,000lbs and has a wingspan in excess of 150'.
  • Enhanced Strength, Stamina, and Durability in accordance with the form.
  • Breath weapon: Skysunder can breathe a cone of cold frost, or a paralyzing gas.

Current Sketch:

Skysunder is the draconic Liaison to the Trimagus Coucil, providing a wide array of knowledge and wisdom to the mages there. Though he doesn't adventure much lately, he can still be driven by the plight of unfortunates or the overthrow of someone truly evil.


  • In any form, Skysunder smells strongly of rain.
  • Skysunder prefers higher ground in almost any situation, and can suffer a mountain blizzard without batting an eye.
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