Spettro Consulting & Investigations

With her metahuman status, previous public identity as Spectrum, and popularity with local police and media for coming in and helping solve numerous challenging cases, Genevieve had no trouble finally opening Spettro Consulting and Investigations, a detective agency in the spirit of the old Pinkerton Agency. Now able to pick and choose between cases, and delegate them to others, she finally started to relax. The money was rolling in, her operatives, both human and metahuman, were on cases around the clock, and she was satisfied she was finally doing her best to help her hometown.


  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Staff: 203
  • Main Floor: Lobby, Offices, Mail Room, Staff Meeting Rooms
  • Second Floor: Executive Offices, Executive Meeting Rooms, The Quiet Room
  • Third Floor: Gen's Office, Two Empty Offices, Executive Suites, SIMTAC
  • Sub-Basement: SCI Forensics Lab, Spell Circle, Armory and Supply Rooms
  • Basement: Morgue, Storage, Cristos’ Crypt
  • Defenses: Custom security system, laser security 2nd and 3rd floors, complete lockdown of SIMTAC with short-life sustaining systems, and a grand trick up Gen's sleeve that took many favors to achieve :)


In the spirit of the old Pinkerton Agency, Genevieve took initiative in bridging the gaps she saw between metahumans and human law enforcement, making many friends and no few enemies along the way. What started as a small office consisting of herself and two older investigators who split the rent, quickly grew into much more.

The older men, Morty and Chase were well known, introduced to her through Uncle Phil, and between their resources, contacts and Gen’s tech savvy, finances and 24 hour availability, their reputation grew steadily and attracted others looking for a place where they could follow trails until they ran cold with relative freedom.

Genevieve’s status amongst other metahumans grew no less, and her policy of not asking too many questions about others' abilities let those who wanted to make a difference but not expose themselves to the public do so.

As the staff grew, the small office grew cramped, and so in a joint venture with several investors and silent partners, Genevieve opened the Spettro Consulting and Investigations agency, which quickly became shortened to SCI. Her original partners bought into the company, and quite satisfied that she could continue on her own, retired to live out their lives in luxury. Occasional scores have come up bringing them forward for help, but even these seem to have died off.

Gen is quickly growing bored with her situation, and aches for a new adventure to break off the ‘mundane’ cases she’s been working. To her, people’s patterns have become predictable, and she’s gone so far as to make connections before the evidence was all in, leading to a mistrial. Berating herself for her recklessness, she’s relegated herself to running the office, and is chafing at the duty.

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