Spettro, Stigger & Price LLC

When the world at large seems to be out to get you, call us. Spettro, Stigger and Price, America's Legal Team…

So goes the advertisements for Genevieve's father, Victor A. Spettro's practice, and his absolute faith in the law has been passed to his only daughter. Once a legal counsel for those looking to prove their innocence, Victor's practice has continued to expand since his initial pledge of faith to the Academy, in exchange for them taking in his daughter. In the time since, his teams have come to the defense of many supers serving their country, and Victor himself is becoming a household name among those experiencing legal troubles in a world only beginning to understand the implications of so many metahumans.

As a plot device, he can be involved in any legal matters, and is the official legal representative for the Academy at large. Big or small, if you have a problem and really wish to get past it, help is only a phone call away.

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