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Personal Data
Real Name: Stuart
Known Aliases: None
Age: 50's
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair Colour: Reddish Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Mechanical Repair

Appearance: Mid Fifties

Build: Slightly overweight

Distinguishing marks: Bushy Mustache

Hair: Reddish brown perpetually mussed

Dress: Gray dirty overhauls

Stuart is the ACADEMY maintenance chief and official curmudgeon. Is is in a continual state of oscillating between being happy and ticked off, mainly because he is never happy unless he is ticked off. He is very talkative and is a great source of gossip about what happens among the faculty. He is full of contradictions. Rumor also has it he plays Santa Claus at the annual ACADEMY Christmas party, a claim he denies vehemently.

When something breaks whether its a stuffed up toilet or the deuterium feed to the fusion generator, they call Stuart. His presence is ubiquitous and he is usually accompanied by a aging knee high multi-purpose robot named Rov-R who communicates with a series of beeps and grunts that only Stuart seems to understand.

Stuart is an idiot savant in that he can repair almost anything no matter how complex, but he cannot build or invent anything new. He may not understand the scientific principles of how something works, but he can usually figure out what goes where and how to get it running again. He leaves the scientific analysis to "those eggheads"

He has a place not far from the ACADEMY he goes to unwind and work on his 1963 Corvette which has been on cinder block for years while he rebuild it to pristine stock condition. When he gets called in on an emergency, he lets everyone know about it.

Rov-R : (Beep-bloOOop?)

STUART: Yes, I did. If you actually had to go to the bathroom, you would see it clean and the seat is back where it should be. Darn teleporters, they always think they are so funny. For that they call me up here I almost had the transmission mounted. You how hard it was to find and what it cost on E-Bay?

Rov-R :(Sluur-tooOOOp clank)

STUART: No I didn't. That was YOUR job if I reckon correctly.

Rov-R :(Fizz-bEEp-foom)

STUART: You did too say you were going to do it.

Rov-R :(Shaz-fizz-shorkle-blub-blub)

STUART: Dagnabit will you quit nagging! I don't need a wife with you around, and quit with the cussin' already. There are kids here!

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