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WIP The place for helpful hints, links, and walkthroughs on creating an Academy Student! Getting to this point assumes you've read over our Academy Rules and pending we're all on the same page, you're ready to begin!

Creating an Academy Student

Since you're here already I won't bother to redirect you to my Character Building or Creating a Story write ups and just assume that you have a student idea with all kinds of fun details and an image in mind and now you just need a place to put it all up! Well you're in luck, because this is where we'll cover Creating a Student and building a Student page here at the Academy Wikidot.

Setting up a Wikidot Student Page

This is the quick and easy way to get a page formatted to look like this: Genevieve Spettro

Use the Tabbing Template by copying all of the text within the code box. Paste this straight into a newly created characters page, and you will end up with a result identical to the one found below. From there, it should be easy to tell which text you need to edit and replace with your info. Other coding still applies, so you still add in pictures and such the same as you would any other way.

ALL fields are optional, and can be tweaked to suit your needs; just bear in mind we'd like some basic, solid information to go on!

Note: TabView breaks TOCs, anchor links and back button

  • you can't link to anchor inside of a tab
  • TOC won't link properly to any header inside of a tab
  • if you click a link from within a tab and go back, you will be always shown the first tab

Which will look like:

Character Details

  • Name:
  • Aliases:
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Eyes:
  • Hair:
  • Nationality:
  • Hometown:
  • Marital:
  • Relatives:
  • Powers:

Information about the character; a quick synopsis describing them

Social Impact

Student's Relatives


Titles of the RPs the Student has participated in.


How do I format text?

There are two ways to add formatting to text. First, you can format text by highlighting it and clicking one of the buttons at the top of the edit box. This will add the proper syntax that will bold, italicize, underline, etc., text when the page is saved.

Secondly, you can manually type in the characters necessary to add formatting to your article. Formatting syntax is generally pairs of symbols around the text to be formatted. Some of the most common text formats, and how to get them to show up, include:

bold -> bold
italics -> italics
underscore -> underscore
strikethrough -> strikethrough

A complete list of supported formats and how to get them to show up can be found on the Wiki Syntax page, available from the link to the left.

To Set Text Color and Size

[[span style="color:#660000"]]Your Text here[[/span]]
[[size 150%]]150% larger size[[/size]]

Should show:
Your Text here
150% larger size

How do I insert a link?

Since links are just a special type of formatting, they can also be added by either the formatting buttons or by typing in the proper format. The format of the link will depend on where the target page is, and what you want the link text to be. Some examples:

[[[Alexandria Winston Slater]]] -> Alexandria Winston-Slater
[[[Alexandria Winston Slater|Bubbles the Magnificent]]] -> Bubbles the Magnificent
[] -> Alex's page link

Links can be inserted into any page or forum post using this format.

A complete list of link formats can also be found on the Wiki Syntax page.

How do I add a picture?

At the bottom of the page you created (NOT this page), click Files, click "Upload a file from your computer", click "Select Files", browse to the folder with the pictures to upload, select your picture, and click Open. You can upload multiple files at once; when all the files to be uploaded have been selected, click Upload Files. When naming your image files, make sure that the filename doesn't have any spaces and that it ends with a valid extension, such as .jpg. Also note that filenames are case sensitive.

Next, copy the image template into your article:


Since the picture was uploaded directly to the page, you can replace the words "COPY-AND-PASTE-IMAGE-URL-HERE" with just the filename of the picture. Otherwise, you would need to include the entire URL. Add a caption below the pic by replacing "TEXT-DESCRIBING-THE-PIC" with your own words.

Spoiler boxes

[[collapsible show="Click me for Spoilers" hide="Click me to Hide Spoilers"]]

Spoiler text here


Results in:

Templates for the pretty stuff

Infobox Template: This is the thing on the right hand side with the picture and vital statistics within it. Typically this will be towards the top of your submission, and it always formats to the right hand side of the screen. outdated

Capabilities Chart Template: A chart Sam created to help define character statistics.

Cheatsheet: Helpful code examples can be found here to pull off some neat formatting tricks within your post.

Quick Links

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