Student Template

This is the quick and easy way to get a page formatted to look like this: Genevieve Spettro

Use the Tabbing Template by copying all of the text within the code box. Paste this straight into a newly created characters page, and you will end up with a result identical to the one found below. From there, it should be easy to tell which text you need to edit and replace with your info. Other coding still applies, so you still add in pictures and such the same as you would any other way.

ALL fields are optional, and can be tweaked to suit your needs; just bear in mind we'd like some basic, solid information to go on!

Note: TabView breaks TOCs, anchor links and back button

  • you can't link to anchor inside of a tab
  • TOC won't link properly to any header inside of a tab
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Gen's Tabbing Template:

+ Character Details

[[tab Info]]
* **Name**: 
* **Aliases**: 
* **Age**: 
* **Height**: 
* **Weight**: 
* **Eyes**: 
* **Hair**: 
* **Nationality**: 
* **Hometown**: 
* **Marital**: 
* **Relatives**: 
* **Powers**: 

Information about the character; a quick synopsis describing them
[[tab Background]]
A character's history, origin story, and time before the Academy
[[tab Powers & Abilities]]
What sets this student apart from 'normal' humans
[[tab Equipment]]
Are there any trademark objects they carry, weapons they have or armor they wear?
[[tab Sheet]]
Use the 'Files' link at the bottom of the page to upload your character sheet to your 

character's page. You can then add it with the Image Wizard button above the editor, 

from the 'Attached Files' option.

+ Social Impact

[[tab Family]]
Student's Relatives
[[tab Friends]]
Allies and comrades
[[tab Enemies]]
Rivals and Nemeses
[[tab Trivia]]
Factoids and footnotes
[[tab Quotes]]
Notable phrases and comments

+ Storylines

[[tab Appearances]]
Titles of the RPs the Student has participated in.
[[tab Character Evolution]]
Snippets and blurbs about how the character participated in the stories.
[[tab Alternate Universes]]
Alternate versions of the student and notable details
[[tab About the Author]]
Some quick notes about the Author and their contributions.

Which will look like:

Character Details

  • Name:
  • Aliases:
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Eyes:
  • Hair:
  • Nationality:
  • Hometown:
  • Marital:
  • Relatives:
  • Powers:

Information about the character; a quick synopsis describing them

Social Impact

Student's Relatives


Titles of the RPs the Student has participated in.

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