Surrounding Area

Hawaii; known for its tropical climate and beaches, exotic flora, and natural beauty is recognized worldwide as a great place to visit. It is the location of Pearl Harbor, a variation of volcanoes, surfers, luaus, and (oh yes) tourist! But the most important thing about Hawaii isn't in its geography or the revenue it gains from small gift shops, but in fact something that few even know about… rust. Because of the salty and humid air, rust forms easily and quickly in just about any Hawaiian location meaning that any state of the art facility will be exceedingly costy. It would have to be maintained and replaced, and a general inconvenience: constantly making it less than ideal for, say, a school of superpowered youth.

Such a place like that, a school for superpowered youth, would much more likely be found in the American state of Idaho. The state of Idaho is about 30-40 percent national forest and fourteenth largest state by land size. Which would lead to a lot of national forest land, which someone can easily lose track of.

Students will experience all four distinct seasons on the new campus location. Due to the campus' locale in the northern area of Idaho, however, it is somewhat colder on the school grounds than it would be throughout the rest of the state. For this reason, students, once they arrive to the new campus, are encouraged to use their allowances to buy proper outerwear and an extra set of school sweats will be sent out.

Economically, Idaho was a sound choice for the Academy and its funders. Purchasing private land was inexpensive and any locale not near Boise, where a majority of the population resides, was not likely to draw any attention. Construction could proceed unnoticed, particularly the construction of the school's more unusual features. With a unique but beautiful terrain, students would be able to spend more time outdoors and enjoy doing so. With the benefits of isolation, they can carry on with their activities without worry of exposure or endangerment. In fact, the Academy's new location will not show up on any satellite other than the Academy's very own.

The Academy campus grounds stretches to be a full square mile in size and on a cleared area in the middle of the Clearwater National Forest. The land that the Academy rests on, however is private, as if much of the land surrounding it. It is at the base of a rather mountainous terrain and only a few short miles from the Dworshack resevoir. There is a rather significant site of power of druidic origin for which the mages tower may draw upon and it is close enough to receive supplies from nearby towns. Students should, however, be aware that any mail they expect recieve may come up to two days later than they expected it.

Finally, in regards to security, the school and its surrounding areas are also camera enforced. The school building itself is surrounded by a gate and in some of the more distant areas to be left defenseless, the grounds are armored. The Academy has taken further precautions with its security and because of this, it has strongly encouraged responsibility in its students to keep up with their identification.

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