Founder of the Evocation sphere of magic, and Highlord of the Order of the Purple.


Excerpt from the Meeting of the Seven:
Directly from the east came a crackle of thunder, causing all but Sin to turn and wonder. Stepping through the trees came a small man, but to describe him as such wouldn’t do justice to the aura of power rolling off him. They all felt it; only a few feared it. The stench of ozone rolled in strong, and the man’s eyes sparked and crackled like blue fire. He was dark of hair and tan of skin, though slight of build, and arcs of electricity crawled across his skin. He narrowed his almond-shaped eyes as he studied the rest, trying not to let his own power think them weak, for he knew better, and had the wisdom of his ancestors. He wore armor and clothing of a style unfamiliar to the rest, and carried a long, straight sword strapped to his side. Legends were already growing of this warlord, the Asian Susanuo, who combined mighty bladework with evocations of frightening power. It was rumored that though his forte was lightning and electricity, he fully commanded all the elements with ease.

The youngest son in a poor family of fishermen, who was born in the middle of the sea under the August storm, was destined to be the champion and hero of the East. From the very moment he was born, the boy had been different. He would only stop crying when it rained, and would laugh when the sky cracked in thunder. He soon learned how to talk with the wind, and ever since would only talk with the wind. The sea bowed to him, its waves and currents brought to his ship plenty of fish to eat and sell. And when he grew up, he decided that the time had come for him to adventure on his own, thus he jumped into the sea and it would take him ashore. In his travel, the boy had encountered many monsters and evils, but with the power of the storm under his command, he had defeated them all, growing even more and more powerful from each. In one of such battles, in which he slayed the eight-headed serpent Yamata-no-Orochi, he took, from the tail of the dead beast, the Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, “Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven”. The sword magnified his power, and he was stronger than ever, perhaps as strong as the gods themselves. The boy, who was then a man, had defeated every beast and monster of the East, and he continued on his journey to furthern lands, determined to cleanse the world of evil with the fury of his storm. He was Susano-o-no-Mikoto.

Powers & Abilities:

Susanoo has under his complete authority the devastating power of all elements. Storms and thunders are his domain, and with a single swing from his sword he could summon monsoons, lightnings and tornadoes to consume his enemies. A natural leader, general and tactician with eras of experience in the art of war, he is frighteningly strategic, ruthless and formidable in combat. Susanoo also has a strong, and rather blind, sense of justice, always ready to protect the weak and conquer evil, often without consideration. Though usually easy to lose his temper, he upholds a strict code of honor; whoever earn his favor forever have a generous and loyal friend, and whoever treat him unjustly earn themselves a fearsome and vengeful foe for the rest of eternity.

The Purple Tower:

A giant, floating temple, drifting ceaselessly through the sky, is home to the followers of the Purple. The temple is built upon, and surrounded by clouds, so thick that no eye or magic could see through it. The Purple mages may simply look upon the sky, and they will find themselves among the sky itself.

The Purple Tower is truly an impenetrable military fortress. Any intruder approaching the temple will find the clouds darken into the night, from which rains and cyclones and lightning bolts spring forward to either obliterate the unwanted guests, or push them away. Attacks aimed at the tower will be struck by arcane lightning before they even get close. The clouds themselves are the ultimate round of defense, dispelling even the most powerful magics at contact, disabling all navigational attempts, eating away physical materials, confounding the intruders so they either travel around in circles until their death or end up on the other side.

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