Synthe Technological Enterprises

Synthe Technological Enterprises, or SyntheTech, is a technological R&D corporation founded and run by CEO Devlin Synthe. Formed in the early 80's by Synthe and a few of his associates, it has steadily grown since its inception to become one of the leaders in its field, almost entirely thanks to the business practices of its CEO. Hiring some of the brightest minds in the industry, its products range from integrated circuits to highly efficient batteries and power sources, as well as having quite an extensive knowledge of robotic design and control. It was this expertise that initially brought them to the attention of the United States Artificial Intelligence Weapon Program, after which they were hired to assist with Project Voltaic.

Unfortunately, relations between the two organizations ended abruptly when their prototype model Giga Volt went berserk within the Area 17 facility, killing several workers and severely injuring Mr. Synthe. Within the chaos, Giga Volt escaped into the the desert and ventured to nearby towns, killing any humans he came across. The media backlash for the project team's negligence was staggering, and ended up crippling both companies. Investors withdrew their support and stocks fell drastically, creating a financial crisis for SyntheTech. The AIWP was able to ride out the storm through it's government backed funding, but left SyntheTech to fend for themselves, much to the company's displeasure.

With their CEO in poor condition, the media and public opinion tearing them to shreds, and the AIWP refusing to lend a helping hand, the situation was desperate. And in their desperation they turned to anger, holding press releases to blame the AIWP entirely for their shared failure, all the while demanding reparations from them. They continued to refuse, busy with their own problems and still trying to capture their rampaging creation. And so the mudslinging and demands continued, furthering animosity between the two groups.

Years have passed, and Synthe has resumed his position as CEO once more. But much remains the same, as SyntheTech as a whole continues to berate the AIWP, demanding reparations in the form of money, project plans, or the prototype model that had caused them all so much strife. Many are curious as to how SyntheTech has managed to avoid bankruptcy all these years, considering that their public image is as poor as ever and their stocks have barely increased since the initial crash. If underhanded dealings are taking place, nothing is being found by investigators, and no unexplained income has surfaced in record books. Nevertheless, suspicions persist, and may yet prove true despite evidence to the contrary.

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