Tananda D Argent

Tananda D'Argent was born to a noble English family. Rich, attractive and intelligent are a dangerous combination. Throw in psychoactive pheromones and you have the potential for great abuse of power. If Tanada was a another kind of person that would have been the case. However, she as far as the seductive vixen as you can imagine. She is very prim and proper. It unusual for her to wear a dress short enough to get a glimpse of her bare ankles- even that can be dangerous to men with certain heart conditions. Back in England she is well known for philanthropic endeavors and worked with Mother Theressa's shelters in slums of Calcutta, and taught at a reservation school for American Indians. She came to national prominence in the US when she single handed saved a small town in New Mexico by calming down Grond and making him follow her to a containment site. She still feels sorry for tricking him but there was really no choice.

She was since courted by several supergroups, and offered several movie contracts. However, her first love was literature.

When the academy offered her a teaching position, she could not refuse, especially when they offered a chance to help control the effects of her powers.

Much progress has been made in controlling the effects of her pheromones. However, boys in her class are suggested to wear nose plugs so they are not distracted by the effect of her pheromones. A blindfold may also be advisable. In certain extreme cases her voice can directly affect the male limbic system. Earplugs have helped but tend to defeat the point of classes, so it best to use them only during exams.

"I have degrees in English, French, and Spanish literature, but I can't get most men to look me in the eye?!"

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