The Moon - The Marsh - The Fortress - The Rain


Father Caleb - Rain

Rebecca - Rain

Laphet - Marsh

Kamir - Fortress

Meirou - Moon


This world is broken, this life a test, our existence nothing more than a step. A step towards something grand, something beautiful, something eternal. Live this world in pious sacrifice. Make it better. Wait and understand this place, study this place. For in all its meaninglessness, we will be judged by that which we make of it. What we do with nothing, is our test. When the time comes, it will be what we are able to do with what we have that will be our unveiling,our salvation. This will grant us clarity, understanding, of all things. On that day we will take the next step. On that day we will know something.

Understanding comes with time. Time well spent in a meaningless world is most indicative of ones true character. Embrace the emptiness of our world and fill it with your own drop of soul.


Like the other branches this school has access to the volumes of text containing the magic teachings of the various schools of magic. The Tears denomination is known however for its specialization in two types of magic. Water manipulation and Necromancy.

Water Manipulation - Students of this magic will be able to expand on simple spells like, Create Water and Water Breathing while also using water related/specific versions of other spells such as Wall of Fire becoming a Wall of Water.

Necromancy - Some student's have aligned themselves moreso than others with the sacrificial philosophy that acts as the foundation for this branch's unique interpretation of the texts. Because of their obsession with sacrifice they often show affinity for spells within the Formal school of Necromancy.

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