Average Combat Capacity Achievement Chart
Perception: Perception; the senses and understanding of them.
Agility and Reflex: Agility; athleticism and over all dexterity.
Pain Threshold: Pain Threshold; the amount of damage one can take, willpower, and vulnerability.
Lifting Strength: Lifting Strength; weight able to be lifted and sustained above head.
Running Speed: Speed; the distance covered within a limit of time.
Martial Proficiency: Martial Proficiency; the level of training and skill in melee combat.
Energy Projection: Energy Projection; the measure of how far energy can be expended.
Logic and Learning: Logic and Learning; the ability to reason and/ or grasp new concepts. Not based on knowledge/ education.
Charm: Charm; the ability to gain another's favor or influence them.
REC Room Evaluation
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