Tera Volt
Artist's mock-up of Tera Volt
Artist's mock-up of Tera Volt
Tera Volt
Personal Data
Real Name: Prototype FT493802
Known Aliases: Tera Volt
Age: 11 months
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Hair Colour: N/A
Eye Colour: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Area 17, Nevada
Base of Operations: Area 17, Nevada
Known Relatives: Siblings: Giga Volt, Peta Volt, Exa Volt
Known Powers
Electrical Emission, Powered Flight

The first prototype model following Giga Volt, Tera Volt is a modification of the original model for separate applications. Tera Volt is the aerial equivalent of the first model, having all of the strengths of the original with the addition of sustained flight capability. Testing has so far been very exciting to watch, and field tests in particular have become a spectacle for those within the facility. Even beyond the AIWP, there are rumors of a flying man who can be seen occasionally in the Nevada desert, though there is no tangible evidence of this claim.

Powers and Abilities

After seeing the success of the original prototype, the United States Artificial Intelligence Weapon Program decided to expand the project, redesigning the original Giga Volt model to be suited to various applications. After seeing it's predecessor's effectiveness on the ground, thoughts were drawn toward aerial application of the technology. After a brief period of researching the physics behind it, the AIWP combined their resources to produce a working Ion Thruster, an engine capable of producing lifting force without the use of chemical fuel. With a large main thruster located on the prototype's back, and stabilizing thrusters located on the arms and legs, Tera Volt is capable of phenomenal aerial acrobatics and maneuvers, while still able to easily transition into high speed flight.

In order to maximize flight capability, Tera Volt was built as light as possible, sacrificing physical protection for aerial maneuverability. This is a small setback, as the ability to dodge .50 caliber rifle fire from fighter jets is infinitely more valuable than any amount of titanium armor. It is able to generate blasts of electricity, though the effectiveness is somewhat diminished due to the resilience of the targets it is prone to facing. But by getting close to the wing or cockpit of the plane, the sudden surge of electricity can cause problems that most aircraft are unprepared for. Currently it's range of motion is limited to normal atmospheric conditions, but research is currently underway to allow Tera Volt to operate in low-atmosphere and underwater conditions.


Though given mostly the same base code, all separate iterations of Project Voltaic have developed unique personalities once sentience was achieved. This is being looked into by both programmers and psychologists to gain greater control over the phenomenon, as it could lead to dangers such as the first iteration of Giga Volt once more. As of yet, no dangerous personalities have resurfaced.

Unlike a majority of the other robots associated with Project Voltaic, Tera Volt has a very likable, outgoing personality. It is often friendly, and apparently enjoys conversation with staff members. Its personality has been likened to that of Micro Volt, though it lacks the child-like innocence of the smaller machine. Even so, it has shown to greatly enjoy its work at the AIWP, especially if it involves flying. Tera Volt has described it's love of flying on multiple occasions, and if allowed to it will talk about the subject for hours. Naturally, it has shown to be consistently loyal to the Program, always ready and willing to engage in any test or application of its abilities.

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