Thanksgiving Feast

"Isn't it a bit early for dinner?" asked TJ as he followed the rest of the Alpha students into the dining room they set up to have a thanksgiving day party. Though it was two days before Thanksgiving, some of them were leaving the next day to visit their families and they thought having a diner together was a good idea.

The dining room was actually one of the schools miscellaneous classrooms that they had chosen over the cafeteria in favor of its coziness. With a few quick adjustments, it was a perfectly acceptable room to dine in. The cafeteria, while nice, was too large for their small group and the girls insisted on the sense of unity the smaller room would provide. Now a large oak table filled the middle of the room decorated with festive autumn ornaments, a warm colored centerpiece of dried flowers, and large pumpkins and squash on shelves and on windowsills. It was all very well done and left plenty of room to maneuver.

The students each found seats and organized themselves around the table quite naturally. Aaron, who seated himself with his back to a window paused just as he was about to sit. His face was contemplative but, as usual, he wore a broad smile. He said:

"Y'know… I always wondered the same. My family started at like 4:30 last year."

"That's not bad. My mom had a mishap in the kitchen last year so we had to go out….reservations were at like 3:30." Alexandria chimed in as she took a seat across the table from Aaron.

"I thought you were the one who burned down your kitchen," Genevieve chuckled as she pulled the chair next to Alexandria away from the table. Alexandria snapped her neck toward her friend, mouth agape at such betrayal.

"Well, maybe, but the incident with the extinguisher was her fault…" Alexandria said defensively as she giggled. When Maerik to her other side began to laugh she playfully slapped him across the chest with the back of her hand. to which, Genevieve responded with a gentle pat on Alexandria's shoulder.

"Alex… you're kidding right?" Spencer said from beside TJ.

Before she could answer, or the two could break off into a twenty- minute bicker as they usually did, Hoshea spoke up. "Time to feast! Tell me what you guys think of the Turkey, I used a new blend of spices from Ms. DeSantos' collection.."

"Smells good." Jack, in human form said as he hungrily eyed the turkey and released a quiet growl.

The students then reached for various dishes of food upon the table, each contributed by someone there. Counterclockwise they passed their bowls until everyone had their share. Conversation filled the room with burst of laughter and the occasional rise in temper there was only one thing missing.

"Ow!" Shawn grunted as his foot kicked something under the table. Everyone paused to look at him and then watched him peek under the table to find micro cradling a bowl of mashed potatoes and tracing figures into it with his finger. just as he looked up to notice Shawn, Giga volt busted through the door.

"Which of you meat bags stole Micro?" he demanded with a fierce tone that conveyed how annoyed the artificially intelligent robot was at this point..

"Meatbags?" Spencer said gaily, he lifted a bowl of haggis which had otherwise remained mostly untouched from the table. "You can have one, but only if you say please."

Many smiled at this and broke into a laughter. No, Spencer's pun wasn't that funny but the situation at hand was.

"Lame!" Victoria said with glee as she continued to laugh, causing Spencer to join in to the tune of the group's giggling himself.

"Watch out Maerik," Genevieve said as she turned to the mage, "looks like Spencer's giving you some competition in the corniness department."

"There's no way I'm that bad." Maerik refuted which caused Alexandria and Genevieve to simultaneously turn toward one another and guffaw.

"Yes, yes you are." Alistair responded and subsequently air-fived a waiting Alexandria across the table.

"Morons," the robot said as he moved to the end of the table, most certainly willing to turn the whole room over in search for his creation.

"C'mon Giga volt, this is prime time to berate us, come join, its a team activity." Aaron, ever so kindly, offered to the robot.

"I don't eat," the robot said flatly.

"Well yes, you're very observant," Alexandria said sarcastically, "but its more about spending time together. Micro will find you if you just stay here."

The robot's mechanical head swiveled to look at Alexandria and his voice, dripping with irritation spoke out to her. "You're the one who took him didn't you?"

Alexandria said absolutely nothing in response but instead stood and began to collect empty bowls from the table. "We're out of rolls but I baked some as well."

" I can get that," Xander, the team's speedster responded as he took a bite of pasta that Genevieve had prepared.

"Nope, I got it." Alexandria replied as she parted from the table and out of the room.

She had been gone for about fifteen seconds when Lily interrupted a conversation about PS the previous day. "Wait, did Alexandria just say that she made those rolls?"

There was an aura of discomfort radiated from the table as the chatter subsided.

"Well maybe its a good thing I stayed," Giga said sadistically as he smugly ook a seat at the table, awaiting Alexandria's return.

"Well they're just rolls," Lily said reassuringly. "I just thought she said she was going to buy her dish."

"That's what we agreed on at least, " Maerik said, now solemnly poking the vegetables on his plate with his fork. He was sure that he'd be first to be forced to try again. He didn't have the heart to tell her how her food was no where near palatable but didn't have the nine lives to risk taking a bite.

Once Alexandria had returned all tried to maintain casual conversation and the newer students like Christina and Brenin maintained a blissful obliviousness toward the rest of the group's concern. Lily sitting beside Brenin tried to quietly consult the boy who, was busy trying to detect a source of slight fear.

Carl was, unfortunately, the first to be sought. She walked over t him and, using a napkin, placed a roll upon his plate. She then moved to go about the table clockwise when a loud crash gathered her attention. She turned to face the source of the disturbance as did many others to see that the window behind them all now had a baseball sized hole and cracks throughout. Alexandria glanced between the window and Carl who was frozen in place, obviously somehow responsible. She merely continued to stare at him at the realization that the roll was no longer on his plate. Peeved at him she turned away very silently and was about to head to her seat when she was stopped by Blake.

Whether he was just trying to comfort his teammate or was honestly very brave, no one would know, but he didn't even flinch as she placed a roll on his plate. Many eyes watched him to see what he'd do. With her watching he was almost forced to slowly open his mouth to take a bite. Tentatively he tried to bite it, only to find his tooth would not penetrate its exterior.

"Have you tasted the rolls, Alexandria?" Christina asked, logically. To which Alexandria shook her head vigorously.

"It's supposed to be really bad luck to taste your own cooking." Alexandria announced as if it were common knowledge.

Setting his roll slowly back onto the plate, Blake shook his head. "I've… never heard that one…"

"It may be true. I cooked pancakes the other day and tried it and they were really bad. Like the worst things ever created."

Shaara's eyebrows furrowed at this followed by a series of coughs used to cloak her urge to laugh. Spencer, who really wanted to say something, had to bite his tongue. Alexandria was usually fairly intelligent but in this case she had a severe case of blondness. She distributed the rolls to the rest of her peers then found her seat again, conveniently, after she had run out of extras.

(I do not claim any ability to portray anyone elses' characters so of course this is not cannon. I did it just for fun out of holiday spirit. If you'd like you can respond to carry it into an RP or give a short story of how your character attempted to get rid of their roll without Alex noticing.)

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