The Archives


Rare, magical anomalies born with both the ability to wield arcane magic and the memories and knowledge gathered from ancestors in their magical bloodline. While Archives are still human beings with magical talent, their knowledge allows them to learn and master their abilities far faster than the average apprentice, especially if their bloodline consists of many practitioners. While Archives can be born from within any magical bloodline, they have only been known to appear in humans.


While the origin of Archives is still unconfirmed, there are many theories. One attributes them to being a power given by a great wizard, who once owned a large, magnificent library of magic that outmatched the current Trimagus Council itself and was etched out into the side of a cloud. Another believes that it was a gift bestowed by a deity of knowledge and magic, who wished that magical knowledge would never be lost. Regardless, there is no solid evidence and they are, for now, simply considered random mysteries.


Physically, Archives look like any other human and are perceived as such. However, when viewed my certain mystical means, such as the Mage Sight, most Archives appear to have after images of mages stacked upon them, giving them a very blurry presence. However, those few who have far surpassed the magical abilities of their ancestors have their own appearance.

Most Archives grow to power quickly, learning beginner magicks easily and often learning more advanced spells much more quickly than most mages. However during puberty, when the power starts to manifest, most Archives suffer from headaches and erratic dreams as they gain the knowledge of their bloodline. While the knowledge usually rests in the subconscious, as to prevent overloading the brain, some more experienced Archive's are able to consciously tap into their ancestors memories. However, the results can be risky and unpredictable if not done properly, Leaving most in a vegetative state or in some cases, having the memories of a past relative overwrite the originals, destroying or dampening the Archives personality in the process.

Notable Archives

Osip Boleslav Ivanov
*Maerik Marson*

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