The Bronze Gates Church

Organization Details

  • Name: The Church of the Bronze Gate
  • Aliases: The Bronze Branch, The Power Denomination
  • Years Active: 1000 BC - Present
  • Locations: The Pyramid, The Arena, Hall of the Faithful
  • Factions: The Blind
  • Partnerships: The Church of the Golden Gates
  • Mission Statement: When one places absolute faith in themselves, they break free of worldly limitation, blessing themselves with true Godhood. As men attain this Godhood, one by one, The Gates prepare to open for he who has become God.

The Church of the Bronze Gate, the former Power denomination, is an organization of mages who share in the belief of the Golden Gates Church but who's actions have caused the organizations to sever ties. The central belief in the Bronze Gate Church is that the gates will be opened through the personal growth of the individuals who believe in it. Only when a mortal ascends in power to the point where he can stand as an equal to "those who lie beyond the gate", will the gates open for mankind. Unlike the remaining branches of the Golden Gate's Church, this denomination focus' more closely on the idea of "those who lie beyond" and the opening of the gates is merely a means to reaching them.

The members of this church, under the rule of Kain LeVay, have adopted his practice of "unbridled individualism". This lifestyle places the progress of the individual as the highest moral, the betterment of self as the holiest pursuit. In this, members are encouraged to make themselves stronger, better and more powerful through any means necessary. Lying, cheating, stealing, murder, etc carry no negative connotation as long as they are done within the justification of bettering the self. To this end members are encouraged to use each other. "Look to your peers as a marker for where you are now, how far you've come, and how far you've yet to come." the words of "Father" LeVay, that motivate his followers to push themselves higher and higher in power through competition.

Social Impact

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Like any church structure there are many Bronze churches scattered throughout the world, however, the 'main' church is located in Wales. There are a few churches around the world that have gained notoriety because of either there leadership, mission work, or structures. These include but are not limited to; The California Campus, the Valley of Kings Campus and the Ulan Bator Campus.


The Tome - Myt'Nx appears as the primary Antagonist in The Tome.


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