The Golden Gates Church


The Holy Church of magic. The Golden Gates Church is a system of magic practioners who share a common belief in the ability for magic and human nature to bring about paradise. The Church functions outside of the Mage's council though both are aware of the others powers. The council and the church are currently on peaceful terms though the council does see the church as a threat. The church offers a home for those with good intentions and magical talent that were rejected by the councils harsh tests. The church is less structured for the discipline of magic and is instead more focused on the improvement of the persons nature. Magic is a powerful gift that would allow for a world of bliss, a utopia, a paradise. Though denominations and individuals reserve the rights to their own unique and seperate beliefs, all members of the faith believe that opening The Golden Gates of Paradise will bring paradise to earth


The Church functions as a united body with separate denominations or schools of faith. Each denominations has a head priest or priestess who has proven themselves to be the most inspiring, strong willed, thoughtful, caring, and powerful mage in the denomination. Each house holds its own beliefs and opinions about the Gates and each other, but they all agree that their actions are to bring about the same future for this world. These groups have agreed to put aside their differences and to allow each other the space and support they might need in order to achieve their shared objective. These four individuals are known as the Four Parents

Members of the church have arrived for all sorts of reasons. Some were lost souls looking for something they could believe in, something to put their abilities to good work. Others were born into the Church, indoctrinated at a young age to become devote followers of the teachings. Some were individuals who refused or even failed their tests at the TriMagus council, and instead of being left out in the cold world alone, found a place where they could develop their art in peace and kinship. Some are non-mages but simply believe in the goals of the church and hope to assist it in its efforts however best it can.



The Church is a group of individuals who have come together under a shared belief. However, the notion of how one achieves this shared belief in paradise varies greatly. Currently, there exists four different denominations under the Golden Gates Church philosophy. Members of these different denominations share a common belief in the method by which the gates may open. In some denominations the groups divide even further. The reasons for the separations vary but all reasons have been accepted to some degree by the Head of the Denominations.

The Moon - The Marsh - The Fortress - The Rain

The Cleansers - The Purifiers

The Skychilde - The Punks


Notable Magi:

Father Caleb
Father of the Tears, Senior Father of the Church

Mother Abigail
Mother of the Body, Senior Mother of the Church

Father Ethan
Father of the Love

Mother Megan
Mother of the Wings


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