The Infernal Bloodline


One of the oldest of the mage and wizard bloodlines, The Infernal Bloodline draws power from their fiendish ancestors. They are commonly misquoted as "Half-Demons" but this is incorrect for two reasons, firslty, most of them are far more human and secondly, they are actually descended from fiends rather than demons. Of all the bloodlines, they are perhaps the most organized and active with other members.


Despite the common belief, it was not founde by demons. Instead there was a secondary species known as fiends that occupy the lower levels of the Jeudo-Christian Hell; these Fiends are not actually part of any Jeudo-Christian faith but seperate beings for various other mythos that were adopted into it as a means to survive the obliteration of their own faiths. These Fiends are assorted monsters and seemingly 'demonic' entities that serve to punish fallen angels and sinners alike.

In roughly 100AD, a powerful fiend found a way to escape his work in Hell by using a technique stolen from the demons (children of fallen angels and the souls of sinners) known as possession. Using tihs technique he took control of a mortal body and impregnated a mortal women, the reason for this is still unknown, even today.

The child born was named Dargo and became the first member of the Infernal Bloodline. As the years followed, other fiends followed this trend and slowly, more and more infernals were born


The Fiends take an active approach to their children's lives and have been creating and organizational structure since Dargo was born. With work between the Fiends and their Infernal Children have formed into four 'houses' based on the child's parent and their role in hell. These four houses are very tightly knit and extremely organized. Curiously, these four houses are one of the few mage bloodlines to try and affect the mortal world by control world business and politics for some unknown motive of their parents.

Although the bloodline are all mages in one form or another, they are usually forbidden from joining the Trimagus, instead they are factioned off into their own internal houses and appear to have some form of truce with the Trimagus; their members don't have to join and in return the Council is protected from all exploits of the bloodline.


House Dis
The first and least prominent of the four houses, Dis is closer to a religious organization with it being lead by an Arch-Bishop and lower members being named and representing various roles within the church. The Arch-Bishop also requires tithing from it's members, taking 10% of anything they earn to help pay for the house's exploits.

The main goal of House Dis in the modern is to control and affect world religion. They own rights to publish holy texts of various faiths, run chapels, shrines, moscs, temples and all other various places of faith. They also make a point to ensure that at least one of it's members is in a position of power in each of the world's major faiths. As to their end goal, only the Arch-Bishop really knows and even he is at the mercy of his father.

House Phlegethon
Perhaps the most frequent house of the Infernals, Phlegethon was designed with miltary purposes in mind. The structure is based off of a military organization with a group of 5 Generals leading progressively lower ranks all the way down to the basic grunts. Most of the House's money comes from using it's members for mercenary exploits and running private military corporations.

Thier main goal to control the world's warzones for some unknown agenda. They function as arms dealers, mercenaries, peace-keepers and other similar roles that can affect the warzones. Every major country has at least one member of Phlegethon in it's higher ranking military positions.

House Malebolge
One of the more curious houses, the Malebolge work primarily in world economics and business with the centre of operations being a central office block run by "The CEO" a mysterious and very old Infernal who indirectly controls every other member of the house. All the orginizations funding comes from it's various businesses and stock trades.

The Malebolge obviously seek to manipulate work business and control hundreds of companys and have members in hundreds of other companies around the world; they have been responsible for the success and failure of countless organizations and are rumored to be behind the global financial crisis.

House Cocytus
The last and rarest of the Infernal Houses, the Cocytus seeks to control world Politics. It has only one leader, the famed Dargo, first of the infernals; he controls all the other members directly and even has influence over the other three houses. There are only 20 members in total and never more, as each new one joins, it is usualyl because another have been killed or 'demoted'.

They carefully position their members in various political groups around the world to try and force politics in thier own mysterious favor; usually their actions serve to make sure the other three houses can function more freely and helping to hide their exploits.


When they are born, most Infernals looks completely human with only unusual coloured eyes and occasionally a strange birhtmark, as they grow up however, the bloodline becomes more prominent in their physical features. Discoloured eyes, glowing birthmarks, sharpened nails and teeth, discoloured skin and discoloured blood are all common changes, with specifics being associated with various houses.

In terms of actually power, all Infernals are gifted mages usually developing talent aronud the age of 10. Along with this, most Infernals gain a natural talent to detect the supernatural; enhanced physical capabilites are extremely common as are elemental resistances. each infernal also manifests some form of elemental affinity that comes to them more naturally than normal but usually at the cost of not longer being able to use other elements.

Their eyes are often black and their birthmarks glow dark purple. They are physically the weakest but all have a natural immunity to fire and can see the auras of magical beings with ease. Their natural affinities usually manifest as either fire or darkness.

This house always has glowing red eyes and their birthmarks glow either bright red or white hot; various forms of stigmata and bloody tears are very common amongst them. Physically they are the fastest and usually much more physically inclined at the cost of lesser magical skill. They can identify supernatual beings by tasting their blood and their affinity is usually blood, water or earth.

They usually develope either red or yellow eyes and their birtmarks always glow red. Physically they are well rounded and usually gain the ability to smell the trails of other supernaturals and have either an affinity with fire, poison or earth.

Their eyes are either purple or white and their birthmarks glow white or ice blue; they are also the tallest of the Infernals with an average height of 6'6". Physically they are the strongest and can passively identify all supernatual simply by being near them, their affinities manifest as either ice, darkness or air.

Notable Members

House Dis
-The Arch-Bishop Nathaniel Crane: A devout follower of the house who has ruled it for the last 400 years

House Phlegethon

House Malebolge
-"The CEO": A mysterious and prohpetic leader of the house
-"Mr. White": Liaison of Devlin Synthe and SyntheTech. Possesses red eyes, runes on the inside of his mouth, and fire abilities. Not extremely trustworthy.

House Cocytus
-Dargo: The first and most powerful of all the Infernals
-"Mr. Snow": Interrupted a meeting between Guy Ghastly and Devlin Synthe to push his own agenda. Stands as tall as a bear, with white eyes, runes on his forearms, and ice abilities.

-Damien Black (Manus Deus): A member of the malebolge house who never actually joined and instead worked for the Trimagus
-Ayin Black: The twelve year old daughter of Damien Black
-Gimmel Black: The nine year old son of Damien Black

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