The Institute

The Institute, is a prestigious private school in the U.S. that's dedicated to the well-being, enrichment, assistance and most of all, the protection of it's students. The Institute is a safe haven for those with special skills and abilities that others might not understand otherwise known as Meta's. These super-powered youths are our future and the Institute fully believes that should be protected and cared for at all costs.

However, this is simply a cover for an operation that is far more sinister. The children sent to the Institute quickly discover it is not all that they believed. While the parents are sending checks to a school designed to assist their students specific needs and protection, the students are subjected to an unfortunate existence. They are manipulated, submitted to psychic "restructuring" and forced to go through rigorous mental and physical training to make the perfect meta human army, all taught and led by the best equipment and staff their parents money can buy.

Under the rule of "The Board of Governors"s, The Institute promises that it will make it's students into the best, the strongest, and the most powerful in the world.

The Board of Governors

Made up of a group of faceless shadows that speak in the same mechanical voice, they are only seen on displays throughout the INSTITUTE. Whispered rumors indicate that the Board is made up of wealthy patrons - ones who had needed a dumping ground for their own trouble teens, and have made extremely generous contributions to ensure their secrets remain locked up. This governing body dictates the nature of the INSTITUTES make up, as attaining more wealth is one of their main goals for continuing.

Student Housing and INSTITUTE Rules

Because the Institute cares little for the condition of their 'students' and is more concerned with getting the most money out of the adults dumping off unwanted children, conditions in the dorms are poor to say the least. The nature of the system there has led the students to become extremely self-sufficient, and most form small packs of mutual interest. These packs defend their territories within the dorms, and those with sufficient power tend to balance each other out in a moderate peace of subtle games and injuries.

When tensions rise and powers begin to have collateral consequences, the INSTITUTE takes punishment just as seriously as any other private university, and the severity of the infraction often pales in comparison to the punishment delivered if caught. The threat of such things alone is often enough for the students to intervene to stop each other, but when the faculty is forced to step in, other students scatter to the winds - to be caught on the scene where a staff member has intervened is a sign of your complacence in the crime, with the punishment just the same as any involved.

However, notably the INSTITUTE has a surprising lienient policy that comes into play very rarely by those masterful enough to pull off quiet conquests. At its root, only 'disturbances' (loosely defined for Faculty intervention) that bring personal glory or riches to the victor are even worthy of being fought, and those successful at such coups can have their punishments reduced at the Board's discretion. In only a handful of extreme consequences - one of which involved the deaths of several students, two faculty members, and the destruction of one of the campus buildings - has the Board written off the entire escapade as a successful coup that brought notority and riches to the mastermind behind the plan, but also elevated the school's reputation among other such places and brought much personal wealth to the individuals who made up the Board themselves. That one case is often cited as inspiration among other students, held in regard like a legend or fairy tail, of how one person can change the course of their fates and be entirely forgiven, even admired, by the Board and forgiven of all crimes commited during the course of such.

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