The Masked
Kind of a Creepy... whatever it is.
Kind of a Creepy… whatever it is.
The Masked
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Masked One, Masked, The Darkest Lineage, The Impurest Heir
Age: unknown
Height: varies, typically around 5'7"
Weight: varies, builds are all but obscured under robes
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Exceptionally skilled Necromancer and Evoker, as well as a powerful Illusionist. As a very powerful sorcerer, the Masked has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any nonartifact item it might need, given time.


A major player in the Black Order, The Masked's exact purposes and identity have been lost to time. It is known that he shares some history with Demetrius Wanlorn, and the two have opposed each other for centuries.


No one knows anything about him, but everyone has a theory.

The Masked is a power player, eschewing the spotlight to operate behind the scenes. Though he has had several apprentices over time, his most remarkable student is the current Mistress of the Black, the vile sorceress Lyndrossa. His silent support of her while she made her own play for the position was well known throughout the Council, though none seem to know what his true plan is, and how it involves her…

Many theories abound as to the origins of the Masked. He seems to be exceptionally long-lived, if indeed he is a single being behind each mask. Various incarnations that could have been the same line of master-apprentice have appeared through time, though the links are tenuous at best. Some theorize the Masked is not one, but several generations of such successors, each inheriting their titles and powers upon the death of the previous. Many have tried to find out, and there was even a notable impostor, who was promptly destroyed in a vicious spellduel that took place in full view of an assembled Council.

This has only fueled further possibilities of a dissident within its ranks, if there are more then one, though the eldest believe the fact that there is only one proof enough to destroy a duplicate. To date, no one is still entirely sure of anything in regards to The Masked, and it prefer things stay that way.

The Darkest Lineage:

The Impurest Heir:

Current Sketch:

Powers & Abilities:

Spellcraft: Regardless of their true natures, all of the Masked have possessed tremendous talent at spellwork, with the uniform specializations of Necromancy, Evocation, Illusion and Summonings.

Most displays of power witnessed by others have put the Masked on par with the most powerful archmages of several eras. The following abilities are attributed to him, but are not to be considered all-encompassing. The true extent of his abilities is as vague as his identity.

Eidetic memory: One of the most powerful theories that the Masked is actually a singular being, despite all the various masks and vague appearances, is the perfect and total recall it has of any event it experienced… and many it has experienced through various means.

Master Mimic: Probably the Masked's best asset, his astounding memory lets him capture and play back anything, over and over again, until he's content. He can cast spells he's never seen before just by watching some one else cast them, and unravel them the same way. The Masked has also displayed various heights and builds over the years, each behind a different mask, and is capable of mimicking any vocal pattern he's heard once.

Untraceable: Many powerful magi have tried, but none have ever been able to locate the Masked through magical means, a feat many believe is actually a rumor.

True Scholar: If it's ancient, obscure, and entirely impossible to find, its likely the Masked has it, knows where it is, or how to get it. The Masked has demonstrated exceptional skill in everything from artistry to herb lore, further provoking the belief it is many different people.

As a very powerful entity, The Masked has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any nonartifact item it might need, given time.

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