The Tower Of Sorcery At Pilgrim's Bend

The forever home for those of the Red, this Tower’s main advantage is that it doesn’t look like a tower at all… that is, it can appear as just about any kind of building, but usually chooses something modest and keeps itself off the beaten path. This Tower can appear alongside any road, and usually does so if a bend in the road will keep it obscured from it’s intended target until he almost runs into it.

Once inside, it’s apparent that magic rules here; the interior is vastly larger then the exterior, and one estimate had as many as five lower towers centered around a massive center tower. All accommodations within are simple necessity, with tastes ranging but staying austere.

From the Seventh floor of the Tower to the Seventeenth, are the Libraries. This recorded history covered every magic spell ever written, thanks to an enchanted pen bound to the tower. The pen scribbles endlessly night and day, and apprentices are often tasked with changing out spellbooks while the quill is refreshing itself in the ink well. Delays are frowned upon by the pen, and if the spellbooks aren’t refreshed and it has no where to write, it will immediately seek out the nearest person and begin to draw upon them. While this isn’t fatal, it’s immensely uncomfortable, and most apprentices only have to be reminded once.

Current Master of the Tower is Reis Akie.

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