The Tower Of Sorcery at Shattered Cliffs

The current headquarters of the Black, this tower is generally referred to simply as Shattered Cliffs due to the fact it stands built into the edge of a high cliff overlooking the sea. The crag itself is barely an island, as no native wildlife live upon it. The sandstone walls match the surrounding cliff-face, though it stands far stronger then any normal rock, and indeed the cliff itself seems to have weathered the breaking waves beneath it extraordinarily well.

The base of the tower is surrounded by a large stone wall with one main entrance, and the tower itself is broken up into many square-shaped layers stacked upon itself as it ascends, much like a wedding cake. At the top of the third layer, in line with the top of the cliffs themselves, stands the smallest tower, home to the current Head of the Black.

Like the other towers, this one possesses a native defense unique to its nature: Shattered Cliffs can teleport itself and any inside the tower to any cliff side where it will reasonably fit, across the known world. Though this means it is almost always along a shoreline, it could be inland as well as out, with no discernible frequency of either.

The current Master of Shattered Cliffs is Lyndrossa.

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