The Tower Of Sorcery At Van'dyal Forest

The most notable of the current remaining towers, the highly polished black obsidian stone of this place is actually separated into three smaller towers that converge around a larger center one in an equilateral triangle. Each of the towers is connected to the center by a sky-bridge just below its apex, and the whole of it can be seen over the trees of the surrounding forest of Van’dyal.

This tower is the current bastion of the White, and the current seat of the High Council as the current head of the TriMagus is himself a White. As such, all candidates for magehood are brought before the council here, and many dealings happen within its walls.

The forest surrounding the tower is magical, and only those invited by the TriMagus can find any entry. Others who try to force their way in find the very trees move to block their path, and those who manage to slip past always find themselves exiting where they entered, even if they walked straight ahead. Flight cannot even get one close, as any spells of flight fail over the trees, and other machines and constructs face similar issues. Teleportation is not possible from anywhere outside the forest to anywhere within except by Tested mages who know the correct password, which changes hourly. The forest itself will even shift around the tower, making the exact place hard to determine, and no two maps agree on the exact location.

While the forest is the tower’s main defense, this one has another unique aspect: the Tower, itself, is sentient.

Bound by a spell long lost to others, it is unknown if any of the other towers had this ability. The current remaining ones do not, and as such, it is considered highly unique. The ‘Master of the Tower’ usually takes the shape of a pleasing male of whatever species it’s guests happen to be, though it is nominally human while working. The Master possesses several unique abilities, such as the ability to discern the location of anyone and everything within the Tower itself (though not necessarily just within the grounds or in the forest), the ability to communicate telepathically with any sentient creature within the tower (even if such creatures are normally immune, though this does not extend to constructs), and the ability to mimic any person that has ever Tested within it. The last ability is particularly potent, as the Master can access any knowledge or abilities that person had when last within the Tower. Obviously, this may not be current, but can provide vast insight into mages long past.

The main tower contains mostly the laboratories of the many mages residing there, as well as the assumed Testing chamber (the exact location of which is not defined), the Chamber of the Council, and the Head of the Council’s quarters at it’s apex. All other resident mages reside within the outer towers.

One other artifact within this tower bears note. At the base near the main entry, a small pillar stands in a rather austere main chamber, upon which rests a book. Any creature that has ever entered the tower has its true name recorded within the book, for all time. This name is the true name the creature refers to itself as, and the book itself cannot be changed or altered, or even lied to. The book has been within the tower as long as it has stood, and while its magics are unknown, it is seemingly indestructible by any normal means as well as any magical. The book can be commanded to reveal anyone who has ever entered the tower by the Master of the current Head of the Order, but no other. To any nearby onlookers, the words within merely appear as gibberish.

The current Master of Van'dyal's Tower is Demetrius Wanlorn.

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