The United One
Bringing an end to heroes and villians
The United One
Personal Data
Real Name: Abraham Miller
Known Aliases: The United One, Collective, Grand Unifier, The One And Only
Age: 37
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 79kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Israeli
Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Israel
Base of Operations: All across the world
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Able to permenantly steal the powers of others, Collection of Stolen Powers


An eccentric and misguided 'hero' who travels across the globe, trying to systematically remove the powers of every meta-human on the planet, stealing from both heroes and villians in his mad quest.


Much of Abraham's past is unknown, he only become prominent in the last three years of his life. He started getting public attention in his home of Israel as an anti-metahuman activist, often developing some very unusual opinions on the matter. In his mind, super-powers were at their very core, a source of pure evil and they will always corrupt those who use them, he believed that it was only a matter of time before all those with powers would become monsters and that they needed to be stopped.

This controversial viewpoint drew in a mass of initial followers, either those who had been wronged by those with powers of simply jealous of them. However he lost many of his followers when he revealed that he had no intentions of desire to actively harm those with powers; instead he thought that the world government should develope a 'cure' and make it so the entire world population had to take it. After this, he was seen as nothing more than a fool and abandoned by the public.

It was only when an enraged young meta-human who had heard his ranting confronted him in the street that thing changed. This lead to a fight in the middle of the street between the two before by some 'divine act' Abraham performed some bizzare, almost ritualistic act and 'drew out the corruption' of the young meta-human. This left him powerless but gave Abraham the power to perceive radio waves and other similar spectrums.

Initially he saw himself as having become one of the monsters he hated but then he saw this as a blessing. He encounted another powered individual and used his 'divine ritual' again and drew out another power, granting him the ability to read minds. Now he knew it wasn't by chance and this was his gift to world.

He formulated his new grand plan to 'cure' the world of meta-humans; he would travel around the world and take their powers one by one until he was the only idividual on the planet with powers and he would then finally kill himself, destroying all the powers he had collected.

His targets always get a warning and given 24 hours to decide if they want to give up their condition willingly, if they agree he will calmly and peacefully take their powers and leave without any problems. If they refuse however, he will use everything in his arsenal to ensure that he will take their powers by force.

Powers & Abilities

Power Theft - Abraham's only natural power is being able to remove the meta-human traits of another and confer their own powers onto himself. To do this he needs to restrain the person and maintain constant eye contact while also keeping their mouth open, he then "takes their breath", drawing the powers from their mouth in a proccess that takes up to 30 seconds. Interestingly, this will remove all defects and mutations that come with being a meta-human but will not be passed onto Abraham; he only gains their powers.

Collection of Stolen Powers - In his year of traveling and gathering powers, Abraham has developed a prominent collection.
- Flight
- Ehanced Strength
- Super Reflexes
- Short Range Mind Reading
- Instant Medical Analysis
- Extended Lifespan
- Immunity to All Toxins and Poison
- Concusive Forcefields
- Fire Immunity
- Perceive Radio Waves and various other spectrums (such as infra-red)
- Healing when exposed to Radiation
- Absorb Photons to ehance strength and speed
- Limited Phasing
- Hydrokenisis (water control)
- Focused Laser Vision



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