The Vigilant

Organization Details

  • Name: The Vigilant
  • Aliases: Vigilance, Defender's of Truth
  • Years Active: 2002-Present
  • Locations: Citadel, New York City
  • Partnerships: ZERO
  • Mission Statement: To protect the world from threats born of the superhuman phenomena; this people, the human people, needs a team with the power and the knowledge to thwart and defeat the dangers of this new world.

The Vigilant are a super hero team dedicated to the safety of the global community. It was formed by individuals who believed that to address the superhuman threats that are ever present in todays world, their individual efforts would not suffice. The individuals have banded together in order to unite their strengths and cover for their weakness. Together, they form The Vigilant. The watchful protectors of the global world.

The Vigilant are THE premiere superhero group. They have the best public track record and have become a social phenomena of sorts. Children believe in them, parent's trust them, they are a symbol of the good that can come from the appearance of super-powered peoples.

Social Impact

Student's Relatives





Name: Corbin Ronne

Alias: Corax

Age: Looks around his late 20s early 30s

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 130

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Build: Lean like a prettyboy.

Position: Hero


Corbin has a relatively average proportioned form with well groomed and sharply defined features. Clean shaven or with only light stubble, medium hair brushed haphazardly backwards as if in a constant gust of wind, deep set eyes, and a tapered but flat and defined chin. While not looking to work out a lot he has some apparent natural tone that hints at the endurance he finds necessary for life.

He tends to dress in semi casual or semi formal attire. A business shirt coupled with slacks, a hoodie coupled with a nice wool coat and jeans, black leather laceless shoes or boots.

His immortal form takes over his form and grows deep black feathers that reflect a slight spectrum that can merge with one another to create different kinds of materials that all shave the same black sheen, face changing into the form of a somewhat demonic or corrupted mask with pointed birdlike features, and his gait becoming more beast-like.


Corbin posesses two distinct physical forms. His 'mortal' form and his 'immortal' form. While his mortal form does not show any signs of age or harm, it is only by regularly manifesting his immortal form which takes on the representation of everything that happens to Corbin physically or mentally. 

The main ability this grants Corbin is immortality. He will not die or age by natural means, though sufficient harm to his body or mind will make him expire before his immortal form can recover.

His immortal body changes it's overall features depending on Corbin's mental state. Becoming more armored or manifesting weapons if feeling aggressive. Sleek if feeling cautious. Etc.

All forms maintain detailed aesthetic representations of the sins Corbin has collected over time as well as features of the raven.


Corbin has an inviting but superficial manner in dealing with others. Being an immortal playboy and traveling between nations and cultures over time has made him very worldly in the ways of deceiving his way through life and avoiding meaningful context. His actions are more often than not based specifically on how he perceives it to affect himself, committing to a deal with the raven god only for a chance at personal redemption.

In many cases Corbin will take the 'simplest' solution. Acting on the instinct of the moment or what he assumes gives him the best odds at a glance.


Born from a world of vanity, Corbin Ronne was once a young man of refined taste and appearance. A shallow life with shallow dreams of lasting youth and freedom from responsibility. On the eve of his 18th birthday his best friend, an artist and skilled craftsman by trade, gave him a beautifully crafted mask bearing Corbin's own appearance. He revered the ideal of it, wishing that his own body could be like that of the mask, a forever immortalized reflection of himself. It was on this eve that Corbin unwittingly made a pact with the creature of his namesake. 

The raven god, a trickster by nature and guardian of humanity, heard the plea of this man. It was a greedy and dangerous wish, tempting the raven to grant it to the young man. The blessing of the raven god bore fruit the very same night. As he held the mask in his hand, Corbin witnessed black feathers as dark as the void iself seemingly burst forth from the edges of the mask and spread rapidly down his arm. The feathers consumed him and compelled him to act. Bringing the mask to his own face it began to fuse into his body, the feathers covering the rest of him shifting into an organic exo shell that mimicked his features and shifted to the changes in his personality and mental state. His face had become the mask itself, bearing it's initial resemblance of him, but strangely adjusted, as if displaying hidden emotions dormant in his desires.

The blessing had made him immortal, granting Corbin a physical form he could freely adopt that would prevent the ailments of time and punishment. This bore a heavy repercussion though. His new form caused his very soul to be laid bare to the world. For the perfection of his mortal form, this one would bear every mark of his sins. 

In the horror of the moment Corbin found himself lashing out in anguish. His mind lost to the moment, he placed the anger he had over what he had just become on his friend the artist. Without thought he stuck his once lifelong friend down, turning on the others of the party as they reacted to the terror before them.

When he came to his senses Corbin found himself far from his home. He found himself cast afloat in the tides of the world and time itself as he sought to re-establish a place every generation. Falling perpetually into the pattern if relying on his mortal form, Corbin found himself turning to his vanity and superficial world only for it to crumble time and again when his immortal form would enforce it's presence.

He became increasingly detached from life. Defining the world by it's pleasures and it people by only their basic qualities. Nearly losing sight if the last few strands that tied him to his humanity.

It was once again that the raven god intervened. The raven gave Corbin an ultimatum. Redemption. In compensation for life corrupted or lost to those that followed Corvin's way of life he would have to seek to save others. Every person killed in wrath, drained of life by debauchery or addiction, or those who would lose themselves to their own corrupt morals. It would be Corvin's new calling to save these people from themselves and himself.

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