Have you tried setting it on fire? That usually works for me
Have you tried setting it on fire? That usually works for me
Personal Data
Real Name: A closely guarded secret
Known Aliases: Sparky, Tinkerbell (Her pet-name)
Age: Roughly 130
Height: 4 Inches Tall
Weight: 19 grams
Hair Colour: Changes with the season
Eye Colour: Constantly Changing
Biographical Data
Nationality: Fae
Place of Birth: Arcadia
Base of Operations: Cardiff, Wales
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Fae Magic, Limited Shapeshifting


A particularly troublesome little fae with a love for chaos and setting things on fire. Usually she calms down around David but that's about the only time she's not indulging in pyromania.


Not much is known about Tinky's past. What is known is that she is fae (albeit a weak one) who seemed to reject the court system, she is neither Seelie nor Unseelie and probably never will be; instead she classes herself as one of the trickesters, like Puck, Loki or Coyote.

About 65 years ago she left behind the rest of Fae and headed off into mortal world for good and decided to have a little fun. Her exploits mostly include low rank anarchy and acts of confusion and misdirection all around the world, nothing seriously but frequently annoying and confusing. She also developed a love of fire and was known for several small bouts of arson.

However, she stopped before pranking one of her usual victims. Rather than going ahead with a rather curious plan that involved three sheep, a catapult and 90kg of peanuts she stopped in her tracks and decided to just watch them instead. Something about this potential victim fascinated her and she just couldn't bring herself to prank him; the day she saw him make a magically imbued molotov cocktail, she knew she was in love.

Since then, she and David Fion have maintained a loving, if somewhat unusual relationship where she keeps his imagination bubbling and he keeps her from setting the nearest house on fire. It may not be standard, but it works just fine.

Powers & Abilities

Fae Magic:


  • Pyroform - For short term periods, Tinky can cause her body to ignite in a burning orange flame. While in this state she is extremely vulnerable to cold but gains far greater skill with fire magic and can passively burn anything she touches.
  • Luminous - Her most common trick, Tinky can turn herself into a swirling little ball of glowing yellow energy. In this form she's mostly ethereal and immune to the effects of the physical world and can fly at incredible speeds. Of course, anything made of metal repels her in this form, usually forcing her to stay a few feet away.
  • Animal Forms - For a period of one hour (no more, no less) Tinky is capable of turning into various animals. Most commonly she turns into a field mouse, a sparrow or a firefly.


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