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1. The Six Base Stats


[STR] Strength: Physical ATT [100pts]
[AGI] Agility: Phys ATT + DEF [150pts]
[CON] Constitution: Phys DEF [100pts]


[INT] Intellect: Mental ATT [50pts]
[WIL] Willpower: Mental ATT + DEF [100pts]
[CHA] Charm: Mental DEF [50pts]

2. Origin and Archtype [Subject to Final Tweaks]

Players pick 1 Origin at character creation, and from that Origin pick an Archtype. Archtypes confer a +1 bonus to their Primary Stats when taken. Characters will never have more than one Origin or Archtype, as they are a one-time bonus to Character Creation.

Built durable and able to withstand extreme amounts of punishment, these are the core of any group. Usually Students of this Origin have powers geared towards Defense, protecting themselves and possibly others.

Origin Bonus: +2 PHE

Generally thought of with single-minded revenge, Avengers can encompass so much more. While some are driven to right a wrong, others pursue justice for the downtrodden as well as specific hunters specialized in a single type of creature they’ve claimed vengeance against.
Primary Stat: [AGI]
Typical Skills: Acrobatics, Analyze [Vengeance], Martial Arts, Tracking, Weapon Skill
Modifiers: Endless Vendetta: Declare a Vendetta and gain +5 to Attack and +5 Defense Rolls against the object of their vengeance.

From crazed barbarians of the plains to alien warriors seemingly bent on self-destruction, nothing gets the blood boiling like a good fight. In fact, fighting is something you thrive on, a necessary outlet for the rage that swells inside of you every single day.
Primary Stat: [STR]
Typical Skills: Animal Handling, Tracking, Survival, Weapon Skill
Modifiers: Rage: once per Story Encounter. Rage confers a +3 total HE for the first two rounds, after which (on the 3rd round) they are Exhausted, lose the bonus hit points/HE, cannot move (though they can still defend themselves) and cannot benefit further. On the fourth round they can once again act normally. If the Berserker has lost more HE than they have, they fall unconscious.

Protector of the Innocent, or bodyguard to the President, you’re the type of hero that throws themselves in harm’s way to protect others. Whether by shield and armor or sheer willpower, the only way anyone gets by you is over your dead body – and you can make that incredibly difficult to arrange.
Primary Stat: [CON]
Typical Skills: Balance, Martial Arts, Tactics, Survival
Modifiers: Dig In: Gain a +10 to any Defense roll where no Movement Action is taken and there is someone adjacent to Defend – If movement is required, or if no one else is present, gain +5 instead.

Your mind is your weapon and your will is better than any armor. Those touched with the gifts of the mind can sometimes attune their Telekinetic gifts into something more, a walking manifestation of psychic warrior.
Primary Stat: [WIL]
Typical Skills: Analyze, Martial Arts, Tactics, Survival, Weapon Skill
Modifiers: Mental Mimicry: Gain a +5 bonus to Defense Rolls as your mind anticipates attacks. Any round after the first, gain a +5 Defense Bonus (For +10 total) as your mind subconsciously adjusts to your opponent’s offense.

The spirits are always with you, and the rest will answer should you call. You commune with spirits of the Ever After and creatures of the Elemental planes and your friends actively aid you in all of your endeavors.
Primary Stat: [CHA]
Typical Skills: Animal Handling, Crafting (Ritual), Knowledge (Shamanism), Tracking, Survival
Modifiers: Call Lesser Spirit once per Story Encounter. The spirit isn’t very intelligent or powerful, but can perform small tasks and takes directions very well. Lasts 3 rounds or until dismissed.

Every magus learns to walk their own path, and the spellblades are a chosen few that trod the roads of long dead Fae before them. A penultimate technique that combines dazzling swordplay with a deep connection to magic, spellblades use their weapons like magic implements, and tend to cover themselves in defensive wards more resilient than most armor. Techblades exist as well, mostly notable for their similarity in summoning their chosen weapon and being exceptionally proficient with it. Such characters substitute the Skills below for Tech-oriented ones, and usually possess items such as bracers or gloves that allow them to store their weapons in an extra-dimensional space to be withdrawn at will.
Primary Stat: [INT]
Typical Skills: Balance, Crafting (Spellblade), Knowledge (Arcana), Stealth, Survival
Modifiers: Runeblade: Spellblade's forge their own weapons, and the eldrich runes inscribed upon them allow them to be summoned to the wielder's grasp regardless of distance (though susceptible to magic resistance) and confer a +10 Defense bonus to any Rolls while the blade is held.

3. Abilities, Powers, Spells, Effects, Whatever [standard: 50pts/10Ranks, some changes]

Power Categories, Powers

Statistics [STAT]
Super Agility [STAT >2]
Super Charisma [STAT >2]
Super Constitution [STAT >2]
Super Intellect [STAT >2]
Super Strength [STAT >2]
Super Willpower [STAT >2]

Defensive [DEF]
Battery [DEF]
Energy Defense [DEF]
Invulnerability [DEF]
Life Support [DEF]
Mental Defense [DEF]
Physical Defense [DEF]
Regeneration [DEF]
Resist Biological [DEF]
Resist Chemical [DEF]
Resist Elemental [DEF]

4. Skills [50pts 10 Ranks]

Acrobatics [AGI]
Acting [CHA]
Analyze [INT]
Animal Handling [CHA]
Balance [CON]
Computer Skills [INT]
Crafting [STR]
Drive / Pilot [General]
Escape Artist [WIL]
Knowledge [General]
Lockpicking [AGI]
Martial Arts [STR]
Perception [WIL]
Research [INT]
Stealth [AGI]
Survival [CON]
Tactics [CHA]
Tracking [CON]
Triage [WIL]
Weapon Skill [STR]

5. Perks & Flaws [Sorta-finished]

Perk ~ Archtype Perk ~ Template Perk ~ Flaw ~ Template Flaw

Academy Student Package
Absolute Harmony
Ancestral Memories
Bloodline Affinity
Blur of Motion
Breath Weapon
Computer Link

  • Contact: Friendly Adult

Dark Gift
Dig In
Deep Cover
Endless Vendetta
Evil Eye
Feral Bond

  • Follower: Entourage

Fringe Benefit

  • Fringe Benefit: Fake ID
  • Fringe Benefit: Membership: Clique

Immune to Biological Attack
Kinetic Retribution

6. Templates [Unfinished]

Template Name

Description of Template

Primary Stat: The Template may have a featured Stat to help define it. This does NOT confer a +1, just helps to categorize what this Template may require.
Typical Skills: Suggested examples of Skills common to the Template.
Modifiers: Any descriptions for mechanics or new Perks and Flaws this Template offers.

Example Name (If more than one, like Apprentice to Mage - otherwise remove this line.)
Example differences description for more than one, otherwise remove this line.

Template Name: [cost in points]
Requires: Any Requirements that must be fulfilled before applying the Template.
Perks Any Perks unique to the Template.
Flaws Any Flaws unique to the Template.

= __**Template Name**__
Description of Template

**Primary Stat:** 
**Typical Skills:**

[[Size 150%]]__Example Name__[[/size]]
Example differences description.

**Template Name:** [0 pts]
[[span style="color:#00CC00"]]**Requires:**[[/span]]
[[span style="color:#0000FF"]]Perks[[/span]]
[[span style="color:#FF0000"]]Flaws[[/span]]

7. Power Ranks

Weak Human = 0-500pts
Normal Human, "Gamma" Level = 500-1000pts
Peak Human, "Beta" Level = 1000-1500pts

Academy Starting Student = 1500pts

"Beyond Human / Metahuman"
"Alpha I" = 1500-2000pts
"Alpha II" = 2000-2500pts
"Alpha III" = 2500-3000pts
"Alpha IV" = 3000-3500pts
"Alpha V" = 3000-3500pts

"Peak Metahuman/Far Beyond Human"
"Omega I" = 3500-4000pts
"Omega II" = 4000-4500pts
"Omega III" = 4500-5000pts
"Omega IV" = 5000-5500pts
"Omega V" = 5500-6000

Demi-Power I = 6000-6500pts
Demi-Power II = 6500-7000pts
Demi-Power III = 7000-8000pts
Demi-Power IV = 8000-9000pts
Demi-Power V = 9000-10,000pts

"Beyond Comprehension"
Divine = 10,000pts+ …probably 1-2 max Rank powers if they needed them
Outsider = 20,000pts+ …probably a variety of Advanced Powers
"Absolute" = 50,000pts+ ….whatever they'd need they'd have

8. Attack Scaling


9. Round Actions

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