Tied to legends and lore extending backwards through the times of humanity, the creatures known as Vampires stem from many curses, but share several traits as well. The two basic categories are below, and several subsets, or 'Clans' of Vampires belong to each.


The Cursed breed are vampires who act in the traditional sense. They have a close connection to the demon kind that birthed them and have been a part of the human world for as long as anyone can remember. They are predators who prefer to lure in their pray through charismatic mesmerism and are very patient.


These vampires are gifted with an allure of darkness that enhances their charisma and other similar aspects. As undead they are immortal and thus immune to disease, and most physical harm. They can only be killed under certain conditions or by specific means. Once their bodies are destroyed beyond repair they can convert into a mist-like form and return to their coffins where their body will reform. This may take considerable amounts of time however. These vampires are also capable of using Demon Magic with little to no, physical side-effects.


They are the vampires susceptible to the traditional weaknesses of sunlight, steaks to the heart, silver and destroying their coffin. Though exposure to little sunlight may not outright kill them, the damage caused by sunlight is permanent and unlike mortal injuries these sun inflicted wounds will not be restored through sleep. The unique ability of this breed of vampire is that their bite is non-obligating; meaning, that the person being bit is, on some level, willing to become a vampire thus accepting the curse in order to be turned. They retain the physical capability they had upon death and as such they are no stronger or faster than a human and they are unable to enhance their physical bodies by natural means. Cursed vampirism captures the physical state of the body as it is upon death and alone it can never make an individual physically greater than what they are upon death. The Cursed breed are susceptible to losing their vampirism if and when an ancestor vampire is slain.


The first breed of vampire were born from a lost magic known as demon magic.

Demon Magic:

The angels who accompanied Lucifer in the Fall didn't leave empty handed. They brought with them a collective magical might that when imbued within their realm, when fostered it would grow to become a great source of power. After many years, the magic imbued in the "demon realm" grew strong enough to support the application of spells and enchantments from the hands of demons. This magic is powerful but it carries the taint of the demon world in which it was born from. Non-demons who make use of this magic will find themselves becoming more and more like the monsters from which it gets its name.

There are two stories of the origin of this cursed breed of Vampire; each holds some truth:

The demons grew tired of the labors they were forced to endure and began experimenting on creating a "lesser" race of demon strong enough to handle the toils of their realm but dependant enough to remain subservient. They were familiar with the price of rebellion and sought to eliminate the threat.

The early human practitioners of Demon Magic were corrupted by the excessive use of the magic and its influence. Their deaths were then cursed by the very magic they abused and they again rose to live eternally in their agony.

Cursed Clans

Zepar of Lust

Abaddon the Destroyer
Vlad Dracula

Belial the Forgiven
Bloodborn Clan
(Humans but very aware of vampirism)

Lahash of Conflict
Richard "Gold Fang"

Mabus the Deceiver

Raum the Wary


The plague vampires are vampires who contract the vampirism "disease". The disease can be spread through contact between bodily fluids and most commonly a bite. This vampirism forces the victim to revert to a blood lusting monster. They are compelled to follow their baser instincts though their consciousness is never lost. They are predators and use their cunning to outsmart and overpower their prey.


These vampires are gifted with superhuman speed and strength. They are immortal and have a strong healing factor however, they can be slain. Though they are perhaps more easy to kill, these vampires do not need fear the death of their ancestor.


Direct sunlight will start to burn away at them slowly overcoming even the strongest healing factors in their kin. Their skin is more easily pierced by silver and a wooden steak to the heart will not only paralyze but eventually end them. They generally need to feed more often than their Cursed brethren.


The Plague vampires were born of a mutated virus. The cause of the mutation was unknown for some time. Some speculate that it too was a product of the Demon experiments on creating "lesser" demon. The virus plagued humanity for some time in the early 7th century but the infected population was effectively quarantined and then eradicated by medieval hunters and Cursed vampire alike.

Or so we thought. Some individuals who were perhaps more clever than the others managed to gain some control over their urges and blend into the human population as best they could. Unable to directly turn people for fear of being discovered they sought to recreate the plague that infected them in the first place to rebuild their numbers in preparation for the 2nd Vampire war. Success came in the modern era and they today seek to unleash their plague on the unsuspecting public.

Plagued Clans



The Clan of Blood



The Clan of Bone



The Clan of Flesh



The Clan of Heart



The Clan of Animal



The Clan of Ashes



The Clan of Forest


The Clanless

Unclaimed Blood

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