Victor Velsing

Age: 24
Hair color: Dark red
Eye color: Dark gray
Height/Weight: 6'3/175
Birthplace: Ireland

Appearance: Victor defines the ruggedly handsome country boy look. A strong square face with strong features that seem to pop out at you every time you look at him. His eyebrows are thick and heavy but end in points that edge off the side side his face. He has a small scar on his right eyebrow from the first time he ever used his powers. His lips are thin and pout out like his sisters. Note: Use Sam Witwer as the model for his face.

Clothing: Victor likes to dress in very comfortable form fitting clothes. He doesn't exactly have anything particular that he wears besides a some sort of hat. One day it could be a t-shirt, jeans, and a hoodie and the next he could be rocking a suit for the day. It all depends on his destination and goal.

Personality: Past: Victor was always a kind and outspoken person who had many ideals and morals. But he was also strong and confident and anyone around him could see this. He believed in fighting for a higher purpose and he never failed to explain that. He kept himself busy all the time, preferring to either work hard on the his grandparents farm or work various odd jobs around the city. He enjoyed people and encouraged a type of comfort around himself that others saw and acted upon. Just about everyone knew who Victor was in the town due to his helpful nature and good reputation. He had a country-boy gentleness to him that the ladies couldn't resist and the men respected and dubbed an "Honest Country Man". That was considered a very positive stigma in their town and it afforded him the trust of just about everyone in the town. That gave Victoria very big shoes to fill which she never could quite do.

His sister: Victor was Victoria's guardian angel. He always made sure to look out for her one way or another. When her parents didn't care to hear her opinion at the dinner table Victor always interjected in her behalf and encouraged her ideals. He taught her how to fight, not just with her fist but with her mind. Most importantly he gave Victoria her conviction and strength of heart. He told her that there was nothing more important than ones strength of heart and motivation.

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