Copy cat extraordinaire.
Copy cat extraordinaire.
Vincent King
Personal Data
Real Name: Vincent King
Known Aliases: Phantasm, "Copy-cat" King
Age: 17
Height: 6’1” / 187 cm
Weight: 172lbs. / 78kg
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: Minneapolis, MN
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Can 'copy' weaponry after touching it, storing the information in a yet-unknown way, and later reproducing it at will. Copies will possess abilities the original possessed, but always will be 'inferior' to those originals.


The wandering orphan Vincent has been covertly fighting crime for nearly two years.


Vincent King recalls little of his life aside from the last two years. He has only recently recalled his name, and now insists people use it while using it himself as much as possible, as if trying to constantly remember more through the repetition.

What he does remember, is that he has powers, and he is a defender of the people. Acting in accordance with these deep-rooted feelings, Vincent set about immediately patrolling the city streets, stealthily avoiding the notice of authorities while interfering in street crime as much as he could. His unnatural abilities made eluding typical law enforcement easy, but after two years of evasion, the city turned to other unnatural beings to track him down.

And when the Academy went looking, they found him.

Current Sketch:

Though fairly perceptive, Vincent’s understanding of the world beyond material objects like weapons is limited. He’s not very well-read, and cannot even recall the last time he did so. His true strengths lie in his physical attributes, with his mental stats being on par with average humans. Aside from his strange magical powers, Vincent is more or less a normal guy. He ‘knows’ he’s a hero, and he’s okay with that. He’s a strong believer in personal codes of honor, and in battle has been known to side with another person he would typically oppose if they were acting in line with their own beliefs, defending those he calls friend with no questions asked.

Though his personal memories are vague, he functions quite well, having adjusted to the loss over the last two years. His recent memory of his name surfaced with a few other vague images, places he was sure he’d been and objects he knows he must have encountered, for he could see them blaze in his mind’s eye… and replicate them, albeit imperfectly, on a whim.

Powers and Abilities:

Through a strange form of conjuration magic, Vincent King is able to copy weapons he touches, and then replicated them for his own personal use at will. Most of these are poor facsimiles, as his technique is still growing, and his blades are routinely destroyed. His fighting style uses this, however, and he routinely summons many blades in repetition, using them as distractions and thrown weapons as well.

Vincent’s “Copy” Conjurations also tend to record all information regarding physical construction, supernatural properties, and even the history of any weapon he has touched. His copies are astonishingly precise, and not only possess the same magical and design traits as the originals, but retain the memories of the weapons, enabling Vincent to imitate and skills or techniques the weapons might have been employed for. However, all of his copies are still imitations, and suffer from being at least two Ranks removed from their originals, and he cannot copy or replicate artifacts or substances not found on his native world of Earth.


In addition, as Vincent grows, his latent talent for Alteration magic actually makes this process easier for him to achieve. When he adds this to his abilities, he can modify his existing copies to infuse them with new, different properties. The most effective use of this he has come up with thus far is overloading them with magical energy; which at the cost of being immediately destroyed after use, exponentially increases their attack power. Whereas most people would be reluctant to sacrifice their weapons in such a manner, Vincent’s ‘unlimited arsenal’ allows him to employ this method at will, his particular style being comprised of modified swords fired off like arrows at range.

At the root of his Alteration and Conjuration, Vincent holds the base ability to reinforce an object’s structure, having an understanding of their natures and defects at a touch. He typically would use this to sharpen a blade, or increase an armor’s durability. At an advanced level, he can enhance his own body structure the same way; however, at this point he’s only subconsciously used it to enhance his eyesight from training with his bow.




His bow is sleek, black, and constructed from a synthetic combination of materials he’s encountered, a constantly evolving object that yet remains his staple trademark weapon. He continually modifies and reinforces this weapon each time he creates it, with the overall goal of continuing to allow it to fire swords as arrows, with exceedingly more damage potential before breaking. (He typically fires replicated arrows, and saves his current inventory of blades for finishing attacks).


Yin & Yang

His most common melee weapons, these copies are unique in that their design is actually something Vincent created himself. The slight curvature of the blades along with the structural upgrades Vincent can reinforce while wielding them makes them particularly effective, and a standard part of his repertoire while dealing with other more-than-human opponents. As their name implies, one blade is white, the other black; an homage to the balance Vincent himself is trying to weigh out.1


Rho Aias

This legendary shield is the only defensive ability Vincent has shown thus far, and it is far from perfect. In legends it could stop even the spear of Achilles, which only made it through seven layers. In practice, it looks like a flower, each petal blossoming to form a protective barrier. This barrier is fantastic protection against ranged physical attacks, but suffers more against energy. It also drains Vincent far more heavily then conjuring weapons, and he’s generally loathe to use it at all. At the present time, he can only get two petals to bloom.

These primary weapons are the standard ones in his current arsenal. Though he can make general copies of other weapons, he heavily favors the bow and his swords, and even if he encounters other powerful weapons, will likely stick to his basics; preferring to incorporate the more powerful designs and abilities into his own.2

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