Wendell Cyrus, The Gyrejumper
The Black Dog of the Trimagus at work.
The Black Dog of the Trimagus at work.
The Gyrejumper
Personal Data
Real Name: Wendell Cyrus
Known Aliases: The Gyrejumper, Cyrus, Old Man, Cyrus the Eclipsed.
Age: unknown, presumably over a century.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Pale Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown, possible connection to Arthur Slater, father of Alexandria
Known Powers
Powerful Rune Magus, Planejumper



Powers & Abilities

Master of Rune Magic:

Mastery of Counterspelling: When Cyrus successfully counterspells any spell subject to spell turning, he reflects it fully back on the original caster. A spell not subject to spell turning is merely counterspelled.

Master of Torture: One of his less-desired skills, Cyrus is actually quite proficient in the art of extracting information from the unwilling.

Black Dog: Being the Black Dog of the Trimagus confers upon Cyrus several abilities while acting on behalf of the Council. He is completely immune to spells with the following effects while in his position: detect thoughts, disintegrate, feeblemind, death, fireball, magic missile, blind, time stop.

As well, nothing of magic can hide from his eyes while he serves in an official capacity, and any magical illusions that would obscure an investigation automatically fail. He also exudes a Zone of Truth that makes anyone speaking to him unable to speak something they know is a lie, though if they don't know it there is no effect.

Also, as the Black Dog, he never suffers from backlash for using any power at his disposal, including effects like time travel and altering reality and can use such abilities at his discretion.

As a very powerful wizard, Cyrus has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any nonartifact item he might need, given time.


While most mage robes reflect the heart of their wearers, only changing when a dramatic change of heart is made; as the Black Dog Cyrus' robe is White when he's on his own time, (as suits his nature) and Black while on Council business, further obscuring his identity to random mages.


She found herself alone in a quaint study, the wooden beams a soft contrast to the grey stone of the walls. A fire blazed in the hearth, just a touch too warm for her to be totally comfortable, and many books lined every available space, even taking up places on the floor. A fine dust clung to most, but a surprising number were both clean and well-worn, obviously referenced often despite obscure title's like "Reis Akie's Primer on Vexes and Hexes" and "Vericus Merricus for Dummies".

The whole of the place couldn't have been three rooms, but Alex recognized it in a distant memory. The sound of a rocking chair came to her ears, and it brought back memories of a face, as well. As she turned in place, she scanned the simple wood table with two chairs and a single candle burning, and further away, a man in a rocking chair. Wendell Cyrus, the man she'd known briefly as a child, and only then as a friend of her father's… she'd also caught her dad call him the 'Gyrejumper', but never did figure out why….

“Heya, kiddo.” he said softly, the smile of his lips the only break in the wide snow-white beard. His eyes were the color of a cloudy sky, and his balding hair lay long behind and to his sides, almost blending into his alabaster robes. “I know you have some questions, but I have a few things to say first, if you’ll give an old man the pleasure.” He gestured, and one of the chairs at the small table spun around to face him, and he nodded for her to seat herself.

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