What Is The Academy?

The Academy for Superpowered Youth, commonly just the Academy, is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country with a curriculum outstripping almost any other. To the general public, the school has a quiet presence and a significant reputation for taking in 'troubled' children and helping them find their own path. However the truth is far more interesting…

The Academy has a rather unique admittance policy, as its students are just a little 'different' than most… each and every one is "gifted" in one way or another with extraordinary abilities and super-human powers, and all attend the school to attain higher education as well as learn to explore their powers in a more understanding environment. With the aid of an extraordinary staff of trained and dedicated teachers, the Academy stresses self-discipline and control, the practice of teamwork, and the importance of understanding the world around them. And if there's time for a few essays in between…

The original Academy campus, commonly referred to as the East Coast Academy (ECA), was destroyed after a series of catastrophic events and a sudden siege. Shortly afterward, students were relocated to the secondary campus in Idaho, or the West Coast Academy (WCA). While the ECA is being rebuilt, current statistics will reflect the WCA.

Campus Information

The Academy 2010
West Coast Campus Idaho, USA
General Statistics
Student-Teacher Ratio 9:1
Average Class Size 15
Campus Size 193 acres
No. of Buildings 16
Books in Library 427,293.3
Sports Teams 9
Clubs and Organizations 42
Total 503
Boarding 382
Day 121
Student Statistics
Male 73%
Female 22%
Robotic 3%
Alien 1%
Other 1%
Boarding $39,371
Day $32,145
Scholarships / Private Funding 62%
School Colors Blue and Silver
School Mascot Woolly Rhino

The Academy is a group of superhero role-players, not a real school. However, if you still wish to send in an formal application alongside some minor processing fees that we totally won't spend on stuff we don't need, no one will stop you. :P

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