Mother Megan






A man stands firm at the base of a tree, looking up into the sky. He sees what looks like a birds nest atop the highest branch of the tree. For all the creativity and thought in him, he cannot reach. A passerby stops and glances up at the same scene. For all of their thought, and effort they cannot reach. Another passes by, stops and thinks. And another. And Another. The group growing at the base of the tree put their ideas and resources together. They build off of each other, they build with each other. Their curiosity leads them down many paths. By days end, they all marvel at the nest atop the tree.

It is through the combined knowledge and effort of man coming together under one curiosity that propels us forward beyond our limitations and into the sky.


Like the other branches this school has access to the volumes of text containing the magic teachings of the various schools of magic. The Wings denomination is known for its specialization in Air manipulation and it's impressive collection of charms and artifacts.

Air Manipulation - Students of this magic will be able to expand on spells like, Whispering Wind, Air Walk, and Summoning; while also using Air related/specific versions of other spells such as Cone of Cold becoming a Cone of Air.

Artifacts - A former head of the the Wings denomination was a skilled Artificer who crafted many powerful and mundane artifacts. As such, the Wings denomination is home to many pursuers of artifact crafting who prefer to imbue their objects with powers rather than wield the unruly forces of magic on their own.

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